Monday, March 15, 2010

We Love Our Earth, Don't We?

Last Saturday, Muqtasaem's school organised a Plant a Tree campaign. It was held around 4p.m and was officiated by Deputy IGP.
In the campaign, each and every kids were given a tree to plant. I think all the trees were sponsored by Secretani. We were allowed to bring back the product by Secretani. It is a gardening solutions which has vitamins for plants and also act as insect repellent.
Pots & Plants ready for the kids
The kids planting the tree

When we arrived, Muqtasaem cried and refused to go in. But when his teacher took him in, he was ok for a while. Then we proceed to watch the planting ceremony and some performance by the kids. so cute &  adorable. The performances theme was about Greener Earth.

When it was Muqtasaem's turn to plant a tree, he looked so scared and wanted to cry. His teacher had to be on his side. However, when he saw both of us, he started to cry. At the end, his teacher planted the tree on his behalf. 
Muka nak menangis
Teacher had to stay with him
Parents yang semangat tengok anak masing-masing

We thought that maybe next time, we shouldn't be there. Or else Muqtasaem would not participate in any school events. Maybe can look from far..hhmm..

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