Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Book Fair 2010

Marilah kita membentuk budaya membaca :)
We managed to find some time to visit KL International Book Fair last Saturday. We arrived as early as 10a.m hoping that we can avoid the crowd. But to our disapppointment the crowd has already built up when we arrived. But it was not so bad.

Looking at the crowd i wonder whether the study done by Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia is correct. It was mentioned on average, 2 books were read by a person in a year and it was mostly magazines and comics. Maybe PNM should redo their research :).

I can't remember the last time i went to KLIBF, but there were 3-4 halls for this KLIBF. We brought the kids along. The first hour was ok, but slowly the kids becoming restless. Luckily there were a lot of distractions for the kids - ballons, puzzle etc.

There was this one company who rented out a number of spots at KLIBF. I think ada kot dalam 3 spots per hall! I've heard about their product for quite sometime but i kind of skeptical of the products they offer. Macam a set of flash cards (dlm beratus2 flash cards) and it costs like RM1K and above! Maybe its because of the IP or whatever but the pictures on the cards are not attractive at all. Macam dull je. From an adult perspective, its dull apatah lagi the kids. And the salerpersons were like piranha..pantang nampak potential customer..serbu and tak putus asa.

After four hours, these were our hasil tangkapan :)

Maybe this is going to be our annual event. A way to encourage the kids to love reading books. Oh another thing, i think the organizer may want to reevaluate the location. Maybe Convex for next year event.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Date = Tarikh?

I knew my hubby few days before i left for UK. We were set up in a blind date. Our first date was dinner at Nailis Place at Ampang. I has this nervous feeling of meeting a new person (particularly a guy). I was a shy person back then. However, on this very first date, i was talkative. One of the main reasons was my date is quite a quiet guy. And since i was nervous, i couldn't stop talking! I was blabbing about life, work and everything under the sun. Up to a point i has this feeling "Oh this guy must think i'm a mad woman who couldn't stop talking! and he wouldn't want to see me again". But well what the heck, i was leaving for UK in a couple of days and wont be seeing each other anymore.

After we finished eating our dinner, i wanted to call the night's off. But surprisingly, my date wanted to stay a little bit longer. I thought he was getting bored hearing me talking! But i was wrong..ha ha ha! Eventually we called the night's off and never see each other again for a year. 

After a year, we saw each other again and started dating but not for long. We got married 8 months later. Till today we still go out for a date. In my opinion, married couple should go out for a date once in a while without the kids! Just the two of you. And yes we still do movies, dinner and lunches just the two of us! Who said dating can only be done before marriage. So for married couples out there, take this opportunity to rekindle your relationship by going for a date!
And if you are thinking of a movie, don't forget to watch "Date Night"


Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Blues

Why Monday Blues?

1. Sat & Sun are not enough to rejuvenate 5 days of working. Tak balance!
2. Because our weekend is spent to do personal things i.e grocery shopping, family outing. These activities are also tiring. So by Monday, pun still penat. So need Monday off as well :D
3. Two days lazing at home doing nothing.Mind stop working. so by Monday nak start engine lambat panas!
4. Its all in the mindset. Sebab dah stamp dalam kepala..Monday mesti bluesssss
5. Sebab dah boring dgn kerja sekarang :D
6. Sebab duduk rumah lagi best! walaupun actually penat melayan anak2
7. Sebab malas bangun pagi utk pergi keje setelah 2 hari bangun lambat
8. dan bermacam2 sebab lagi :D

So lets change to Monday Rocks!!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

MQ Turns 3!

"Happy Birthday to you, 
 Happy Birthday to you,
 Happy Birthday to Muqtasaem,
 Happy Birthday to you!!!"

3 years ago at this date, Muqtsaem was born to this world. It took me 15 hours to deliver my first born. I felt stomach pain at 2 in the morning and later found out that i started bleeding. But i remained calm, woke Mr Hubby for Isya' prayer. Only then i told Mr Hubby that i need to go to the hospital. Although the hospital is just 5 minutes away, Mr Hubby panicked up to the point we arrived at the hospital in less than a minute :).  I managed to call my parents on the way to the hospital. My parents were shocked because we didnt woke them up since we stayed together.  

I was 2cm dilated when i was admitted. So i was sent to ward and had to wait for Dr Fauziah in the morning. The pain was unbearable and i couldn't sleep. At around 7 a.m i was hungry and asked Mr Hubby to buy me McDonalds.  But we waited for the doctor to check me first. Dr Fauziah came at around 8a.m and told me that i need to be in the labor room. Dah tak dapat McDonalds. I was given 2 slices of bread but then were asked to 'clear' my bowel. hhmmpphhh..

I was sent to the labor room. At that time, my contractions were frequent around 4 minutes apart and i was 3 cm dilated. At the labor room, Dr broke my water bag and induced me. The aftermath of those, was totally unbearable. The pain was excruciating and the contractions were <1 minute apart. I tried to use the breathing technique taught at prenatal classes, but it was not that successful. At around 11 am, the midwife came and check and still i was only 4 cm dilated!!! Masa tu dah sakit sangat but baru 4cm??? Mr Hubby was there beside me trying to calm me. I requested painkillers, since the breathing technique and the gas were not working for me. After i got the jab, i managed to relax a bit. i was so weak since i had nothing since breakfast. Only water. Memang exhausted sangat2. 

At 12noon, Dr Fauziah came for a visit and i was still not ready for delivery. Baru 5 cm dilated!! At that point, i couldnt stand the pain and i asked for Epidural. My wish was granted and i tell you, the needle was soooooo huge! Gerun je tengok. But whatever la to ease the pain. After the jab, I managed to sleep for a while. Totally exhausted! 

At 3 pm, i was 6 cm dilated. But i didn't mind since i didn't feel a thing. At 5pm, Dr Fauziah came in and check again and i was 7 cm dilated. At that point, she told me that by 6p.m if i didn't deliver, she might need to do a C-sect. Oh no! that was the last thing i wanted to hear. My epidural meds was reduced to prepare me for delivery. And at 5.45pm, i was 10cm dilated! yeay..and i can start pushing but the problem was i couldnt feel a thing! I did feel a pressure to push but i wasnt pushing it right. The baby was in stress. Dr let me try again before she had to suck the baby out. Alhmadulillah, my final push was a success and Muqtasaem was born at approximately 6p.m.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ayam Kampung Kukus

Dulu masa kecik2, bila balik kampung atuk saya akan sembelih ayam kampung untuk santapan cucu2ya yang dari bandar. My favorite is ayam kampung goreng berempah..ffuuhh..memang terangkat. Nenek siap bekalkan masa nak balik KL. Daging ayam kampung memang agak liat. not really sure why lah kan. but i prefer ayam kampung from the ayam daging. Isi ayam kampung lagi manis.

seperti biasa, balik dari keje, tugasan untuk memasak dinner sedang menanti. Hari ni agak malas nak masak beria. Ada seekor ayam kampung dalam freezer. Ni kalau masak lemak, mau leceh dan lama nak tunggu masak sebab daging liat. So being a bit pemalas, terus buat ayam kukus! cincang2 apa yang patut, terus kukus..dan sambung buat menda lain.

*image googled - bukan gambar sebenar. tak sempat nk ambik gambar sebenar sebab ayam dah tinggal separuh

Here are the ingredients

1 ekor ayam kampung - tak payah potong2, biar seekor intact
1 bawang besar
5 ulas bawang putih
5 inches halia - lagi best kalau dapat halia muda. I prefer letak halia banyak2, sedap
1 - 2 sudu besar sos tiram - boleh tambah lagi ikut size ayam
1 -2 sudu besar kicap masin/pekat

Hiris bawang-bawang dan halia. Gaulkan sos tiram & kicap dengan bawang & halia. Tambahkan garam. Ratakan bahan2 tadi atas ayam..n walla kukus for 1 hour or lebih skit. sementara nak tunggu ayam masak, boleh la membersihkan diri :)

Its healthy & easy to prepare. walaupun lambat sikit nak tunggu masak. 
Masa pantang, my mom used to prepare me ayam kampung kukus. But at that time she used chinese herbs. And i have to finish kan seekor ayam sehari for 7 days!!! Mau muak makan ayam lepas tuh..

Bagskaki Contest

Ever since Coach Boutique is launched in Malaysia back few years back, i seldom visit the store. Maybe at that point of time, the bags are expensive to my liking. After a while, Coach has become a hit and its a must bag for most bagaholics. And ever since, there are lots of online store start to sell Coach online. Most of the bags are from USA which is way much cheaper than the boutique itself.

For a person like me, i don't mind having to wait for a while to get the bag i wanted if its way cheaper BUT i will never tolerate the authenticity of the bag. The bag MUST be authentic. As most of you are aware, most of the replica of designer bags are using child labor. Remember we must protect the Children's right?
Online stores selling Coach has been growing like mushroom nowadays. But can the store be trusted in delivering good quality authentic Coach bags? Fret not, now you can safely shop at BagsKaki. They offer wide range of authentic bag focusing on Coach and other designer brands from USA. They also carry local brand gin&Jacqie

Now they are organizing a contest. And the prizes are hard to resist. Bags from Gin&Jacqie!! 

For more info, you can visit MomBloggersPlanet

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Is Sex Education enough?

Polls have been running to get feedback from the public on whether our education system should include sex education. This is the result of a number of cases reported on babies being dumped. IMHO, sex education is just a component of the whole scenario. Leaders shall not jump into conclusion that sex education will eliminate the problems. This problem should be viewed in a holistic manner.
Prevention is better than cure as the saying goes. We find ways to prevent a problem from happening. But when only a problem occurred then we can find the cure. So in approaching this issue, we need to see in three perspectives:

1.      Prevention
Why prevention? Because we already know the consequences of the problem. Ni macam buat root cause analysis. When we find the root cause, we create the barriers to prevent it from happening. So in this case, sex education is a component in prevention category. But this alone is not enough.
At home parents could teach their children moral values and didikan agama. The relationship as a family need to be strengthens so that parents know what their kids are doing. If it means to control the movement of your children, do it.
For government, they can organize more campaigns at schools, introduce sex education at early stage, create more talian Nur or maybe tighten up the law for sexual harassment at early stage. These are some of the prevention method that can be applied.

2.      During
The problem has already occurred. Do we ignore those pregnant women? This is where our society has yet to mature. We tend to judge people by their mistake and end up isolate them. Providing moral support is what the women needed in their condition. Yes, they committed a sin, but that’s their problem with God. Who are we to judge? Family, friends and relatives should provide moral support not in a way that we agree of their actions but more on asking them to repent of their sins. Make them realize their actions are wrong and there’s a better way of living. So this could make them realize, not to commit another sin by killing the baby later. Government should set up more shelter for these women. They may feel ashamed to return to their family, so these shelters should be enough for them to hold on to.

3.      Cure – Aftermath
We could never find a cure, if the problem did not arise. So when the problem still occur, its time for the law enforcement to take over. Is our law is so lenient that people are not afraid to commit crime? Buang bayi pun bukan orang tau siapa pun kan? No traces at all. Somebody suggested a DNA database, ala2 macam CSI, where we can trace whose DNA it belongs to. Ya why not? Maybe government should take a more drastic approach to reduce the crime rate. Its about time already!

So does sex education alone is enough to reduce the number of people dumping their babies?? 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pasar Karat anyone?

Ever heard of Pasar Karat or Rusty Market? Its a market where the seller will sell antiques, (personal) unused items or some of them are just junks. It is an interesting concept. Like in the western countries where we have car boot sales on weekends. so this is more or less the same. I've been wanting to visit this pasar for quite some time, but not till last weekend i had a chance to browse through the Rusty Market. 

It is located at Jalan Bijih Timah. The market starts as early as 6.30 am till noon every Sunday. Some people call it Pasar Karat or pasar loken or now it has been branded as Ipoh Memory Lane. You can find a lot of interesting antiques - bottles, furniture, radio, electrical appliances, glassware, old coins and notes..

Old coins & Notes
Piring Hitam
So cute & antique!
 Different shapes, colors of bottles

I was attracted to some of the old glassware. Those that our grandparents used to have. I think my grandma in Johor still have those glassware and still use it till today. For those who loves antiques, this is a place to go. My recommendation is to go as early as possible and try not to bring your kids. :) as for me, i managed to stay for less than 1 hour because the kids started to tunjuk skill melalak. maybe because it was too hot. *sigh.
Maybe better luck next time!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Orang kampung

Do you notice most of d elderly people who are living in kampung is healthy? Despite of their age, they can still do chores. See this picture

This pic was taken from my bedroom window in Ipoh. An old man tengah menebas rumput. Looking at his appearance, he must be 70s-80s in age.
But look at him, at this age he is still steadily menebas rumput at his backyard.
That's why the older generation are healthy. Lets assess our current lifestyle. How often do we exercise? For those who signed up for gym membership, how often do you really go?
What do we do during our free time? Err gi ukur shopping mall perhaps? Or watch tv?
What will happen to us when we reach the golden age? Something we need to think about :)

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Bonding with Opah & Atuk

Saya tertarik dengan contest ini.. not really because of the prize but the theme " Bonding with Opah/Atuk".

Interesting kan? Kalau kita perhatikan, Opah & Atuk la yang lebih manjakan our kids than us. Betul kan? I'm not sure about the others but as for me, living with my parents create a closer bond between grandparents and grandkids. There are pros & cons..yelah if we scold the kids, at the end we get scolded back by our parents - you get why i mean kan? 

Tapi i rasa, its more of the Pros. When we get older, our kids have grown to be adult. Then u feel there's a void in your life and that's where grandkids fill up the void. Orang2 yang lebih tua, lagi suka layan kerenah budak2..
Back to the contest..
Since, its called bonding with Opah/Atuk..Opah kan org Utara nye panggilan for i present the kids pic with their grandparents (my parents in law - Oghang Perak :) ).

Nadhirah manja lentok kat atok & 
Muqtasaem gigit jari lepas dapat angpau

  1. Nama anak : Muqtasaem & Nadhirah
  2. DOB anak : 28March 2007 & 9 July 2008
  3. Nama ibu : Aida Manan 
  4. Nama opah@atuk : Hjh Zaharah & Hj Abd Majid
  5. Umur ketika gambar diambil: 2thn & 1thn

So jom join contest ni...
The prize is sponsored by syasyacreative

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My safety first?

Despite all the campaigns by the governement on road safety, they are still ignorant, selfish parents who neglects the safety of their children. As you can see from the pic, ONLY the father is wearing a helmet, while both of his children are not. You may say, "alaaa, the distance is short. only 1KM" but accident could happen and the probability is higher when you are riding a motorcycle.
It happened to me once (i'm not the victim) quite sometime ago. My cousin was driving the car while i'm at the passenger seat. We were waiting at the entrance of a parking lot to get the ticket when we heard a bang from the back of our car. A motorist with a toddler banged to our car and the kid tercampak. and guess what, the kid was not wearing any helmet. Kitaorang siap panik and adalah feel a bit guilty as if we caused the accident. Alhamdulillah the kid was okay with a little bit of scratch. But the father admitted his fault because he was distracted by the crying kid and not concentrating on the road. Luckily he was at a very slow speed. Even at a slow speed, the kid still tercampak. Just imagine, if you are riding and banged into a moving car, what would be the impact? 
With all the news about road accident in papers everyday, they are still ignorant parents who jeopardize their kids life. Sungguh ku tak paham

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Puzzle me

During our outing last weekend, we stopped by Toys R Us. The intention was to buy a bicycle for Muqtasaem since he's getting taller day by day and he couldn't fit in his old bicycle. But they were out of stock. So we let the kids choose any toys. This is like a monthly ritual for them. We alternate it between toys and books. So at the end Muqtasaem chose a jigsaw puzzle and Nadhirah a soft hammer.
We bought jigsaw puzzle before, but at that time Muqtasaem has yet to master the skill. So this time, we taught him once and suprisingly he managed to finish the puzzle alone. And he kept on repeating it! hehehehe..tunggulah dah jemu nanti, entah ke mana hilang puzzle pieces tuh

On your mark get set go..

Putting the pieces together

Halfway through

Few more pieces

Working hard

Walla..bravo bravo

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

KizSports & Gym

Last Sunday, we woke up a lil bit early. Had Nasi Dagang at Taman Melati and off we go to Great Eastern Mall. Not so much to shop but our main objective was to visit Kizsports & Gym . It was located at Level 2. The entrance fee for below 2 years old is RM10 (weekend per entry) and RM25 (weekend per entry) for kids above 2 years old. Quite expensive though. Luckily I brought socks for the kids. All kids and adults have to wear socks to be in the playland.

Nadhirah, being the adventurous one, directly ran towards the playland. Muqtasaem on the other hand refused to wear socks, thus "sesi pujuk memujuk" by Mr Hubby.

We were there quite early, so there were not so many kids. There were a birthday party held at one of the rooms. There were slides, pool of balls, tunnels. The kids love the ball pool the most. 

Kids at the ball pool

Nadhirah the adventurous gal

We stayed there nearly 2 hours. Sampai lenguh-lenguh la kaki running after the kids. But it was worth it. It was a great place to go. We can actually drop the kids and go shopping but the fee would be different. Its a good concept for shopaholic mommies to shop without interruptions :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

We Love Our Earth, Don't We?

Last Saturday, Muqtasaem's school organised a Plant a Tree campaign. It was held around 4p.m and was officiated by Deputy IGP.
In the campaign, each and every kids were given a tree to plant. I think all the trees were sponsored by Secretani. We were allowed to bring back the product by Secretani. It is a gardening solutions which has vitamins for plants and also act as insect repellent.
Pots & Plants ready for the kids
The kids planting the tree

When we arrived, Muqtasaem cried and refused to go in. But when his teacher took him in, he was ok for a while. Then we proceed to watch the planting ceremony and some performance by the kids. so cute &  adorable. The performances theme was about Greener Earth.

When it was Muqtasaem's turn to plant a tree, he looked so scared and wanted to cry. His teacher had to be on his side. However, when he saw both of us, he started to cry. At the end, his teacher planted the tree on his behalf. 
Muka nak menangis
Teacher had to stay with him
Parents yang semangat tengok anak masing-masing

We thought that maybe next time, we shouldn't be there. Or else Muqtasaem would not participate in any school events. Maybe can look from far..hhmm..

Friday, March 12, 2010


We often take for granted things we possess, those people that are close to us. We seldom take time to appreciate and be thankful for what we have, for those people who loves us, for the life Allah has planned for us. ONLY when it has disappear, we regret for not having done our best to appreciate more, to love more and to thank more.

And today thanks to the blackout (for nearly 4 hours!!!), i will appreciate more and always be thankful
1. For the invention of electricity that have been part of our life. "panas k takde kipas di musim kemarau ni"
2. For the sun and moon for giving us some shade of light. (blackout dari kul 6 ptg till 9 mlm)
3. For the time we should spent on human communication face to face. "kalau tak blackout, masing2 dah ngadap tv, or pc or hp(bateri habis cannot charge).
4. For the invention of gas cylinder and cooker. Kalau takde ni tak masak la nasi tadi.
5. For the invention of lesung batu. Kalau takde ni tadi, memang tak masak lah asam pedas ku :).

Thank you so much!

Mata Pelajaran " Keganasan

"Murid-murid harini kita akan belajar cara-cara untuk membelasah orang"

Just imagine if this subject is realy being taught in school. Everyday we will see violence everywhere.
I was driving this morning, and shocked when heard a news about a mother being beaten by a group of school girls. GIRLS???
Mana lah these kids belajar jadi violence. From home? or too much action movies?
What's happening to teenagers nowadays? scary nak raise kids in these environment. As much as we guide and teach our kids with moral values, when they are outside the house friends have greater influence on them. Kalau tak ikut nanti orang cakap tak cool. Macam-macam & its totally scary to think about it!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Having 2 kids has really test my patience level. Tambah lagi both are still growing. Fening mamanya. Nak je naik darah everytime both of them buat perangai. Betul la kata orang tua2, darah muda ni panas je selalu. Patutlah nenek&datuk je leh tahan ngan cucu-cucu. Sebab when they were younger mana tahan ngan anak-anak yang selalu dengar nenek&atuk manjakan cucu.
Last night when we were having dinner, out of the blue these two kids were yelling "No! No! No!" to each other. Entah apa sebab pun i tak tau. I was in the middle between both of them, naik pening dibuatnya. I dah nak bukak mulut nak marah je, but i decided to keep quiet and let them yelled at each other. Lagi dilarang lagi dia buat, so keep quiet je la.
Sometimes you feel like screaming to them but after that u'll know that you'll regret it. So (sometimes) when i was about to scold them, i'll try to remember these points (kalau sempat lah)
1. Imagine that your kids are being scold by other people. Do you like it?
2. Scolding them may have negative impacts on the kids like scared to be adventurous, less vocal, shy, etc
3. The kids may hate you and may not be coming to you for comfort.
4. You will stressed yourself. "jangan marah-marah nanti cepat tua". Tak pasal kena buat treatment tegangkan muka :)

Itu je.. Apa lagi yek?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Big L

Disebabkan David dah menggondol gelaran 1st Asia Biggest Loser, haruslah mendaftarkan diri untuk season kedua. Usaha menguruskan badan sedang gigih dilaksanakan TETAPI

Motiff ada kuih tart atas meja?

Ok usaha menguruskan badan disambung semula selepas kuih tart habis :)
See the reason why i need to enter d biggest loser????

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Aku menyesal Kahwin!!

interesting topic at HotFM this morning. "Menyesal kahwin"
There's a husband called and said he regret marrying his wife because his wife decided not to have any babies after 4 years of getting married and they have been married for 8 years! When the AM crew called his wife, she refused to answer their questions and just put down the phone. ada jugak kan org taknak anak. The wife should be grateful that her husband has been faithful and patient. According to the husband, his wife wants to concentrate on her career as well as to maintain her figure. What a lame excuse? kan byk slimming center that you can go after giving birth. siapkan duit je.

I think all woman wants their own children. ada yang to certain extent go for adoption. Naluri seorang wanita tu kan suka kepada kanak-kanak, naluri seorang ibu itu pasti ada! deep down inside a cold hearted woman pun mesti ada perasaan keibuan. sama seperti orang yg buang anak tuh, deep down inside i rasalah they might regret and feel guilty of dumping their child. cuma depa ni tak pikir panjang.

back to the topic, a decision of not having a child in a marriage is ridiculous. kenapa Nabi sarankan kita untuk berkahwin? Untuk menambahkan umat. Besides that, having a child can streghten the relationship between husband and wife. When you get married, you are only tied with your marriage vow. But when you have a child, this child is like a bond that both of you cannot let go. hubungan suami isteri mungkin akan berakhir dengan penceraian. tetapi hubungan anak dengan ibubapa sampai bila-bila.

Mungkin the wife tu kurang pendidikan agama & tak pikir panjang...*sigh*

January Progress

Every month Muqtasaem's will get a calendar of what he's going to learn. Every week is a different theme.

First week's theme is "Myself"..and taraaa

Second's week theme is "My Body" and he did this

And the third week is about My Family..

Interesting kan..more to come :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Woman's Day

8th March has been identified as International Woman's Day. A day, all women around the world should celebrate to mark their existence, their achievements in their life. So for all men out there, appreciate your woman and celebrate this day with the women in your life (limited only to your mother, your LEGAL wife(s), your daughter(s) :) )
More info on International Woman's Day's_Day

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hak Asasi Kanak-Kanak

"Hak Setiap Kanak-Kanak:
Untuk dilahirkan
Untuk mempunyai nama dan kewarganegaraan
Untuk mempunyai keluarga yang akan menjaga dan menyayangi
Untuk tinggal di dalam komuniti dan persekitaran yang aman dan damai
Untuk mempunyai makanan yang mencukupi dan tubuh badan yang aktif dan sihat
Untuk mendapatkan pendidikan yang baik dan membentuk potensi diri
Untuk diberi peluang untuk bermain dan beriadah
Untuk dilindungi daripada penderaan,eksploitasi,kecuaian,keganasan dan bahaya
Untuk dipertahankan dan diberi bantuan oleh kerajaan
Untuk berupaya mengekspresi pandangan saya sendiri."
    Day after days, we hear babies/kids being abused, killed, burnt to death. Even in today's newspaper, a dead baby was found in a drain. No words can describe how mad & sad i am to the situation. 

    The 'parents' of d child shouldnt be called human. Their status is lower than animals. We have been given brain to think and thats what makes us better than animals. Tapi bila dah tak guna otak inilah jadinya.
    I'm trying to gain a view in d 'parents' perspectives. Dont they feel guilty of killing a tiny baby? Dont they have sympathy of d baby? Tak tercapai dek akal, manusia yang dianugerahkan dgn akal n fikiran tergamak membunuh seorg bayi. 

    Maybe its a love child but d baby has d right to live. The right to be loved. If its not by d biological parents, maybe by an adopted family. There's a lot of couples waiting to adopt a child. Why kill when u can let them live?
    Mungkin malu dgn masyarakat atau keluarga sbb lahirkan anak luar nikah. Sendiri buat sendiri tanggung kan. Maybe d family is angry or ashamed when their daughter is pregnant but as parent, guide her to make d right decision. Or send her to pusat pemulihan akhlak. Getting support from d family is d best remedy. At least they know its not d end of d world n they wont get d idea of killing d baby later. 

    I was listening to Hot FM this evening and heard an advertisement on Children's Right under UNICEF. This advertisement should have been published long time ago and should be repeated over and over again. Bila dah banyak case, baru nak keluar advertisement and awareness. But at least its a good start.

    Under UNICEF, there are 54 articles of the right under the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Article 6 mentioned about a child has the right to live and Government should ensure that child survive and develop healthily. The word Government here shows that how critical and important government's role in ensuring a child is well protected. I do hope that government will take more serious actions in cases involving children.

    Another article (32), mentioned about child labor. We see there are a lot of children being 'forced' to mintak derma / sedekah from the public. Yang paling i tak suka, if the child wandering around on a school day. No offense but shouldn't they be at school or be studying. Why the child have to ask donations from the public, when the school administrators should have done that. And for the parents that send their children to those schools, do u want to see your child are asked to seek for donations from the public? How about the child safety when they are wandering around? silap2 kena kidnap, who should be blamed? 
    Maybe i'm wrong but i chose not to give any donations to these kids. There are ways to provide donations in the right channel. and this is not it. 

    More on Convention on the Rights of the Child here

    Wednesday, March 3, 2010

    Masyarakat yang prihatin

    It was around 6ish yesterday and i was waiting for Mr Hubby in front of Convex. The road is always busy with vehicles as well as people crossing the road. Only recently that a traffic light was installed to allow pedestrian to cross. before this kira gamble la nak lintas jalan.

    The traffic was quite heavy at that time, mostly going towards Pavillion/Bukit Bintang. I was kinda disappointed to see that motorist ignored the traffic light when it turned red. so org yang nak melintas ni tak boleh melintas when they were supposed to cross!!

    When the pedestrian lights went green, they were supposed to cross. BUT these ignorant motorist selamba kodok je jalan. siap speed lagi. But only can speed for like 10m cause it was jam in front. What of waste of fuel je.

    The main point is, Malaysia is still lacking of driving ethics. Zebra crossing is just a landscape on the road. No one truly understand its functions. Dah ada zebra crossing, letak lagi traffic light pun orang tak paham. Di mana silapnya? Nak tunggu ada polis dulu baru berhenti?

    I remembered when i was in UK, the moment my foot stepped on the road/zebra crossing, the motorist will stop and give way although it was their road. I nearly got myself knocked by a car, when i used the similar method in KL. The moment you set your foot on the zebra crossing, the faster the motorist will accelerate.
    Apa sudah jadi to 1Malaysia (relevan ke)?

    This kind of drivers add up to the statistics of road accident. Not because of the vehicle or the road or other people BUT the attitude of the drivers themselves.

    Terbayang-bayang kalau ada yang melintas tu bawak anak kan? kot2 anak dia terlepas pegang ke..Nauzubillah.

    Tuesday, March 2, 2010


    He waited for me to play it while i was preparing his milk. Terus terlelap n kempunan.

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    Monday, March 1, 2010

    Color Me Badd

    A long weekend is a valuable time to spend with the kids. We bought them few coloring books & color pencils.

    They enjoyed it..tapi biasala bukan kaler tapi more to menconteng.

    as usual adik akan mengacau abang

    Apa2 je la kan..both of them dah pandai sebut "book". When they saw me holding their books..loncat2 sebut "book".
    But i can only watch them color, i'm totally prohibited from coloring. Nak pegang color pencil pun kena marah :( by the kids!!


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