Friday, March 12, 2010


We often take for granted things we possess, those people that are close to us. We seldom take time to appreciate and be thankful for what we have, for those people who loves us, for the life Allah has planned for us. ONLY when it has disappear, we regret for not having done our best to appreciate more, to love more and to thank more.

And today thanks to the blackout (for nearly 4 hours!!!), i will appreciate more and always be thankful
1. For the invention of electricity that have been part of our life. "panas k takde kipas di musim kemarau ni"
2. For the sun and moon for giving us some shade of light. (blackout dari kul 6 ptg till 9 mlm)
3. For the time we should spent on human communication face to face. "kalau tak blackout, masing2 dah ngadap tv, or pc or hp(bateri habis cannot charge).
4. For the invention of gas cylinder and cooker. Kalau takde ni tak masak la nasi tadi.
5. For the invention of lesung batu. Kalau takde ni tadi, memang tak masak lah asam pedas ku :).

Thank you so much!

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