Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pasar Karat anyone?

Ever heard of Pasar Karat or Rusty Market? Its a market where the seller will sell antiques, (personal) unused items or some of them are just junks. It is an interesting concept. Like in the western countries where we have car boot sales on weekends. so this is more or less the same. I've been wanting to visit this pasar for quite some time, but not till last weekend i had a chance to browse through the Rusty Market. 

It is located at Jalan Bijih Timah. The market starts as early as 6.30 am till noon every Sunday. Some people call it Pasar Karat or pasar loken or now it has been branded as Ipoh Memory Lane. You can find a lot of interesting antiques - bottles, furniture, radio, electrical appliances, glassware, old coins and notes..

Old coins & Notes
Piring Hitam
So cute & antique!
 Different shapes, colors of bottles

I was attracted to some of the old glassware. Those that our grandparents used to have. I think my grandma in Johor still have those glassware and still use it till today. For those who loves antiques, this is a place to go. My recommendation is to go as early as possible and try not to bring your kids. :) as for me, i managed to stay for less than 1 hour because the kids started to tunjuk skill melalak. maybe because it was too hot. *sigh.
Maybe better luck next time!


  1. Rindunya nk pergi tpt yg mcm ni...dulu layan minat abah saya, memang sampailah ke Penang Road dan satu lg tpt kat Ipoh tepi sungai...kipas saya di rumah byk yg dpt dr tpt mcmni, ada yg ada timer, ada yg takde butang kelajuan dan masih boleh digunakan.

    Pasar Karat...sesuailah nama tu dgn barang yg dia jual

  2. menarik kan...if only i tak bawak anak2..sure tgn dah penuh..:D



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