Tuesday, March 16, 2010

KizSports & Gym

Last Sunday, we woke up a lil bit early. Had Nasi Dagang at Taman Melati and off we go to Great Eastern Mall. Not so much to shop but our main objective was to visit Kizsports & Gym . It was located at Level 2. The entrance fee for below 2 years old is RM10 (weekend per entry) and RM25 (weekend per entry) for kids above 2 years old. Quite expensive though. Luckily I brought socks for the kids. All kids and adults have to wear socks to be in the playland.

Nadhirah, being the adventurous one, directly ran towards the playland. Muqtasaem on the other hand refused to wear socks, thus "sesi pujuk memujuk" by Mr Hubby.

We were there quite early, so there were not so many kids. There were a birthday party held at one of the rooms. There were slides, pool of balls, tunnels. The kids love the ball pool the most. 

Kids at the ball pool

Nadhirah the adventurous gal

We stayed there nearly 2 hours. Sampai lenguh-lenguh la kaki running after the kids. But it was worth it. It was a great place to go. We can actually drop the kids and go shopping but the fee would be different. Its a good concept for shopaholic mommies to shop without interruptions :)

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