Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mothercare Sale

One of the sale that i would never miss.

Extra discount for VIP card holder, i likee..
I love to buy socks and rompers from Mothercare. The socks are of high quality and usually priced at RM49 for 5 pairs. and that is excluding the discount. I tried other brand but i must say nothing can compare with Mothercare's socks. 
So lets go to the sale mamas, coz i will ;)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Vitamin for the kids

Breastfed babies are normally will have better immune system. Although i breastfed my two babies, i also started giving them vitamin C. Cold and fever are normal for kids. At least in 2 or 3 months they would catch cold.. But i read an article on the internet saying that there are no scientific evidence that Vitamin C could prevent cold. But at least vitamin C makes it a little harder for your body to become infected with an illness.  At first i started them with Nutrilite Chewable Vitamin C for Kids.
image googled

When they were small, i crushed the tablet and dissolved it in water or  sometimes their milk. And when they can chew, i gave them directly.

But overtime, they didn't want to take in tablet form anymore. So i have to find an alternative and Scott Emulsion is my choice. During my childhood time, i had to take the original cod liver oil. It was yucky. Hanyir. But my mom forced me to.

image googled

So far the kids like the taste. And Alhamdulillah, they didnt get sick too often.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Horaaay No exam!

When DPM announced that UPSR & PMR may be abolished, i disagree with that. IMHO, the exams act like a measurement for the children. Macam milestone checking. But i do agree that our Education system as a whole is too exam oriented. If we look at today's education system, you will have exams twice a year. Not only that the kids will have to take monthly tests and also weekly quizzes. I would agree on the twice a year exams, but not to the monthly tests. That what makes the system is too exam oriented.

The ministry may want to relook at restructuring the UPSR & PMR exams. Maybe its not 100% exam based. Put some weightage in coursework. Maybe 40% coursework and 60% exams. Macam kat universities kan?

We need some sort of measurement on how our kids are doing. If these exams are abolished what are the other options we would measure our kids performance. If the ministry wants to implement school-based assessment, a thorough study has to be made. If its a public exams, then the questions would be standardized across all. But school-based assessments? I'm not against it, but i dont really agree to the idea.

However i would prefer the PMR exam is not to be used to determine whether our kids go to science or arts stream. Sooo not right. We dont have any indication subjects in PMR syllabus to tell us that we can do science but not arts or vice versa.

May the Education Minister make the right decision for our kids. And maybe after this, they may want to relook our tertiary education system. From my observation we do not produce the right graduates for the working force.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tips when your car was stolen

We lost our car in April. Bulan 4 memang takde ONG la. We were getting ready to go to work then suddenly Mr Hubby came rushing to me and say " Sayang, kereta takde". At first i thot he was joking (post April Fool) but apa kes nak joke pasal kereta hilang di pagi hari kan? Memang betul, the car was gone!!! we parked right in front of the house but its outside the gate. Among all the cars parked on the road, ours was the target. I was shocked and furious! It took me several days to accept the fact that the car has gone forever
So just tips share some tips when you lose your car..

1. Do a police report. It is best if you could go to the nearest police station to the crime scene. the one that covers your area. Not Pondok polis yeee..We were panic up to the point we went to a further police station. We couldn't even think the nearest police station. Last-last after buat police report kena redirect to the nearest balai polis because the investigator needs to be in the same jurisdiction. After meeting with the investigator, then only they open a case. They will ask all sorts of questions la. 
When we did the police report, i felt that we just need to report it for the sake of insurance and not so much of hoping that the police would investigate it. formality only. Even though its the police job to help us find the culprit kann..tapi whateva la

2. Call your insurance agent/company. - Tell them that your car has been stolen. They would ask for the police report and insurance policy. So fax it to them.

3. Call your bank (if necessary) - it may not be necessary because you still have to pay the installment even tho car gone already. Sakit hati kann..paying for something yang takde...uhuk uhuk..what to do

4. If you have any documents, ATM cards, bank cards, etc in the car make sure you called all the necessary parties to make cancellation.

5. After few days (depends), your insurance agent will appoint adjuster. Adjuster ni mcm investigator on behalf of insurance agents. They would need copies of your IC, driving license, pictures of your all the keys (including duplicates). They would also come the the crime scene and take some pictures. Police pun tak datang k. Adjuster will then submit a report to the insurance company for further actions

6. Sila harass your insurance agent/company..keep calling them asking for status. Please be annoying. or else memang lambat laaa dapat claim. Usually it would take min 4 months to claim. In our case Alhamdulillah, we already got the offer within 2 months. They offered us a good price laaa. Tetapi......

7. Insurance company would need more documents from you - Letter from your financier, your keys, and final police investigation report. Please bear in mind yaaa...police will only release the investigation report minimum 3 months after the initial report.. so memang takde harapan la nak dapat claim awal dari itu yeee..So we wait...

Moral of the story - please consider installing Captor atau seangkatan dengan nya to avoid these kinds of hassles. Memang sangat sedih bila kereta hilang. It has been with us since we were about to get married. Kira sempat la merasa dating sebelum kahwin ngan kereta tuh.. Too many memories..Plate number yang paling sayang :(. Tapi nak  buat macam mana kena redha. Itu adalah satu ujian for me. 

Teringat pesanan Ustazah - segala nikmat yang Allah beri itu ada keburukannya. Segala ujian yang dikenakan terhadap kita adalah untuk menguji keimanan kita sebagai seorang Muslim - adakah kita tergolong dalam golongan yang bersyukur atau menderhaka? 

Friday, June 18, 2010

Appetite for feverish baby

Kids will always lose their eating appetite when they fall sick. Muqtasaem is the worst. Memang takmo makan langsung except for water and milk. I tried feeding him with all his favorite food - noodles, nuggets, curry. memang tak jalan. if he eats pun setakat 1 or 2 spoons. 

But Nadhirah on the other hand, she can still eat although she's not well. Memang takde masalah. But at the moment she was having fever and she didn't want to eat. That worries me. I tried feeding her favorite food but she would only take a bite. Even milk, she refused formula milk. Only breast milk. Dahla my breast milk pun mcm hidup segan mati tak mau (read: stock makin berkurangan). So i try umpan her with chocolates. Yes she loves chocolate. I didn't encourage it but people surrounding her keep giving her. She only took 1 bite jugak! kalau tidak tak muat tangan pegang chocolate. 

Akan tetapi...when i offered her ice cream,
This what happened

yummy mama

Is it good to feed her ice cream? My mom said it will help reduce her temperature. But i doubt it. Tapi i bagi je la, since she wants it.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

mama...itu burung apa? itu burung murai....

Everytime we brought the kids out, mesti masuk mall. so this time around, we planned to go to Bird's Park. We went out quite late. cuaca dah panas, tapi area kat Bird's park is cooling sebab banyak pokok. So not so bad laa..

When we arrived, its nearing to Bird's Show. So we went straight to the Amphitheater. Most of the shows are by parrots or kakaktua. Ada lah burung naik basikal, mengira dan bercakap. Towards the end baru ada show by burung helang. The show ended in half an hour's time. 
the Amphitheater

Tapi before the show ended, the kids dah restless. Luckily ada taman permainan just behind the amphitheater, the kids apalagi jumping in joy. 

ni jugak yang the kids suka

From the amphitheater, we walked pass flamingo pond and waterfall aviary. It is a breathtaking view..with the birds flying around and waterfall as the background

waterfall aviary

flamingo pond

Then we headed to World's of parrot. Macam-macam jenis parrot. You can also feed the birds in here, just pay RM2 for the food. actually RM2 will be used for the birds' care. The caretaker gave us a small bowl of kuaci. I memang tak berani nak pegang, so Mr Hubby yang pegang. Oh the birds sangat pandai. At first i thot  they would terus makan the kuaci with the kulit. tapi tidakkkk, they actually kupas the kulit and makan the isi only! So clever one.
Feeding the bird kuaci
Birds all over Mr Hubby...Nadhirah maintain macho dalam ketakutan

There are also hornbill park. Macam-macam jenis hornbill. Hornbill Gatal pun ada ..hahahhaa

Then there are 1 area for all the flightless birds. So you can see ostrich, peacock, ayam hutan..peacock memang bebas bersepah-sepah. 

You can only feed the birds when there are supervision and the food is provided. Otherwise, you can't simply feed the birds. BUT you can feed the fish! there are a number of ponds in the area. Yang ini the kids enjoyed the most. You can buy the fish food at RM1 per packet. But please bring 50cents coins. i think we stopped at 3 different ponds to feed the fish. gi taman burung tapi lagi enjoy tengok fish..hhmmm

The Bird's Park is a big area. Memang penat berjalan. But fret not, there are a lot of pondok-pondok where you can have a rest before continuing exploring the park. There are also small cafes to have your snack in the park. Overall it was an enjoying walk for your kids. 

The Entrance fee is RM20 for adults & RM10 for kids (below 12years old). But remember to bring your MyKad & MyKid to get the price. Or else the price for adult is RM42 and RM32 for kids. Kids below 3 years old get free admission.

The Bird's Park is located near to National Mosque. Actually there are other attractions near to the Bird's Park like Butterfly Park, National Islamic Art Museum, Orchid Park, Hibiscus Park, Planetarium, National Monument and Memorial Tun Abdul Razak. 

The kids enjoyed the trip and balik rumah terus tidur kepenatan. 

Monday, June 14, 2010

I Love U, You Love Me

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I Love you, you love me, 

We're a happy family,
With a great big hug 
and a kiss from me to you

Won't you say you love me too

How often do you say I Love You in a day? If nadaaa, then start saying i love you to your Loved ones today! Why i'm in lovey dovey mood?
LittleMama is organizing a contest "I Love U". And I love you laa Little Mama, coz the prizes you offer are hard to resist. Photo Session Package by Little Kids Photography!! I'm sooo in need of a photo session of the kids!!

What's interesting with Little Kids Photography? They offer a wide range of packages that are UNIQUE. If i have a newborn, i will definitely choose First Year Package. Capturing the first year of you baby is priceless!! To see the growth and their development during the first year is amazing. Another package that i find it interesting is the Curious Angel. Little Mama will capture your kids in action while doing activities like cooking, modelling, painting or any of their favorite activities. And it can be done at Little Mama's studio or even your own home! There are other packages that are being offered by Little Mama and its suits all your needs. Looking at the packages offered, susah hokay nak buat pilihan IF and only IF i won :)  (must pray harder!!)

If you want to get the first hand updates from Little Kids Photography , make sure you
1. Follow Little Kids Photography  with Google Friends Connect - Of course i DID!! 
2. Like Little Kids Photography on Facebook - Of course i DID!! 

And after all the photographer herself is very friendly. So you won't feel kekok to be photographed by her. Trust me! Furthermore, she's a mother herself kan? So she would know best on how to handle kids during photography and the patience of being a mom!

I've been following Little Mama for quite a while now. and i must say she's so rajin! now alone she's managing 5 websites!! And i personally been following these sites with Google Friends Connect
Mom Bloggers Planet
Little Mama’s Diary
Little Kids Photography
Little Mama’s LOVE
Malaysia Online Shopping Guide and feel free to follow in Malaysia Online Shopping Guide in Facebook as well (Of course i DID!! )

Her latest venture is Little Mama's Love. What's interesting with Little Mama's Love? The items are personally made by little mama with lotsa LOVE! The clothing lines are too cute to resist. Little Mama's creativity says it all in her personal collection. Only mother knows what's good for her kids. And little mama know the designs that will make your kids looks adorable.
Of all the items, i personally like the Little Kids Apron. Its reversible and perfect for doing indoor & outdoor activities with your  kids. And what's more interesting - it's on SALE!!!. It will only cost you RM35 for the price of '2' aprons - since its reversible kan? :D. Don't we love sale items? :D
If you want to get the first hand updates from Little Mama's Love , make sure you
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So for parents out there, if you are looking for a photographer especially to capture your kids's pictures, you know the drill. Little Kids Photography is your best bet. And to make sure your kids look gorgeous, pick some clothing from Little Mama's Love closet. I bet your kids will look adorable and great in the pictures that you will treaure10 years from now or even earlier!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Resepi Orang Malas : Pasta Olio

When rice is not an option for lunch/dinner, noodles will be the next option. And for a lazy bum bum like me, i prefer pasta olio :). Plus my kids memang suka makan apa2 yg berkaitan ngan mee..
Kekadang, i dah siap masak nasi & lauk pauk...bley si Muqtasaem cakap, "Mama, nak mee"..Ketuk dahi jap, apa nak buat, terus la masak mee/pasta yg simple ;)

What do you need?

  • Half pack of Pasta - i prefer fettucine
  • Olive Oil
  • Garlic
  • Capsicum or any other vege like broccoli, preferably something yang crunchy.
  • Breakfast Strip (Beef) - cut into small pieces
  • Salt
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Chili flake
How to cook?

  • Boil the pasta until el dente. Sprinkle a lil bit of oil while boiling. Dah agak2 masak, toss it.
  • Crush garlic, roughly 4-5 cloves. 
  • Tumiskan garlic with olive oil. Put around 4-5 tablespoon of olive oil
  • Masukkan beef tadi..masak sampai agak-agak garing.
  • Then masukkan sliced capsicum. Let it cook about 1/2 minute. Not too long as nanti tak crunchy
  • Put it a pinch of salt. 
  • Turn off the fire and pour in fettuccine. Gaulkan sampai rata. 
  • If its too dry, pour in more olive oil.
  • Lastly sprinkle parmesan cheese on top and wallaaa u can now eat :)
Since the kids are eating, so i didn't put in the chili flake. So tambah-tambah sendiri la yee..kalau nak pedas :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

iPhone App Review :

I've downloaded this application on my iPhone few weeks ago. Reason, saje nak tengok property yang ada potential untuk dibeli :)

At the main menu, there are options to

  1. Find Properties
  2. Show Properties Near Me
  3. Directories
  4. Property News
In Find Properties, you can search various properties according to your needs. There are options of property for sale, rent or new property. You can narrow down your search by state and specific location. Furthermore you can also search based on your expected price range by key in Min & Max Price.

Once the results are displayed, there will be some pictures and details of the properties. There will also be list of nearby transportation, school or any other amenities nearby the property. Some properties do have videos uploaded as well. When you want to view or know more about the property, there are agent contact numbers available. Another function in iProperty, it has embeded housing loan calculator by CIMB Bank. Easy kan? You can roughly estimate the monthly repayment for the property. And if you are still not sure about the property, you can add the property in your short listed list :) Later if you want to view the property again, you don't have to search again, just go to the shortlist.

image googled

image googled

In Show Properties Near Me, it will list down the property nearby your location automatically. You can also choose For Sale, For Rent or New Properties. The result will show in Map version. You get directions to the property as well. If you want to know more details on all the properties available near your location, you can view it all in a list format. Isn't easy??

For Directories, currently there are 3 directories available - Agent, Developer and Condominium Directory. You can do your search as well.

With this application, you can now have updated list of available property in the market. Kalau dulu, we have to go through the adverts in the papers but now its all on the go on your iPhone :D

Friday, June 4, 2010

Kerana Amanah, Nyawa Hilang

I believe ramai yang marah dengan staff BHP Cheras. A woman died because the staff obeyed their boss's instruction. Is it the staff's fault that the woman died? I'm not on any side, but yes I was angry when i first read the news in facebook yesteday. The staff could have shown some mercy and give out the fire extinguisher. And MAYBE, the woman's life could have been saved.

But on the other hand, the staff were given clear instruction not to open the door for anyone after hours. Staff yang mendengar kata dan memegang amanah majikannya. Is it wrong? It is not. However, in that situation, one self has to analyze the situation and provide the best judgement.You can choose to follow your boss's instruction OR disobey the instruction and save a life.

If i were in that situation, I may let the man have the fire extinguisher and at the same time call the police and fire department. Police - in case there will be robbery. Fire - in case the man is right about the fire..

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


"Once you get it, worry not the whole house will get it" errkkk..
And YES, conjunctivitis is highly contagious. Memang sangat senang untuk dijangkiti.First Muqtasaem, then Nadhirah. Next Mr Hubby and now ME!!! we can call our lil family, Red Eye Family, yehaa! 
Its hard to avoid not to be infected but here are some tips that can be applied 

1. Do not sleep together with infected person. 
How do i score?: FAIL!! how cannot sleep with my babies?

2. Avoid kissing.  
How do i score?: FAIL!! how can u not kiss such cuttie lil faces (please refer to the kids only! Adult excluded :P)

3. Wash/sanitize your hands before and after giving them the meds
How do i score?: PASS!! Easy to do

4. Avoid sharing pillows and if possible change the cover everyday.  
How do i score?: FAIL!! tak larat mau tukar hari-hari maaa

5. Avoid touching your infected eyes. And if you do, please wash/sanitize your hands
How do i score?: 50-50! kadang ingat kadang tak :)

6. If the more than 1 person got infected, please do not share your meds! Get your own eye drops etc.
How do i score?: PASS!! Giler banyak eye drops and ointments. Poning!

7. After 3 days of medication and the redness have not subsided, please consult your doctor or go to eye specialist cause you maybe have allergy with the meds. 
How do i score?: FAIL!! thats what happened to Muqtasaem. It happened that he has an allergy to the eye drops. And we only went to the specialist on the 5th day! After changing to new eye drops, the redness subsided. Alhamdulillah

8. Please rest at home! Do not try to spread it anywhere else.
How do i score? MC!!! NO??? i've got tonnes of work :(.

It goes without saying "Sharing is caring". Not just share the good things, even sakit pun kena share! Hope the Red Eye Family will be back to normal soon. InsyaAllah!


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