Monday, June 14, 2010

I Love U, You Love Me

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I Love you, you love me, 

We're a happy family,
With a great big hug 
and a kiss from me to you

Won't you say you love me too

How often do you say I Love You in a day? If nadaaa, then start saying i love you to your Loved ones today! Why i'm in lovey dovey mood?
LittleMama is organizing a contest "I Love U". And I love you laa Little Mama, coz the prizes you offer are hard to resist. Photo Session Package by Little Kids Photography!! I'm sooo in need of a photo session of the kids!!

What's interesting with Little Kids Photography? They offer a wide range of packages that are UNIQUE. If i have a newborn, i will definitely choose First Year Package. Capturing the first year of you baby is priceless!! To see the growth and their development during the first year is amazing. Another package that i find it interesting is the Curious Angel. Little Mama will capture your kids in action while doing activities like cooking, modelling, painting or any of their favorite activities. And it can be done at Little Mama's studio or even your own home! There are other packages that are being offered by Little Mama and its suits all your needs. Looking at the packages offered, susah hokay nak buat pilihan IF and only IF i won :)  (must pray harder!!)

If you want to get the first hand updates from Little Kids Photography , make sure you
1. Follow Little Kids Photography  with Google Friends Connect - Of course i DID!! 
2. Like Little Kids Photography on Facebook - Of course i DID!! 

And after all the photographer herself is very friendly. So you won't feel kekok to be photographed by her. Trust me! Furthermore, she's a mother herself kan? So she would know best on how to handle kids during photography and the patience of being a mom!

I've been following Little Mama for quite a while now. and i must say she's so rajin! now alone she's managing 5 websites!! And i personally been following these sites with Google Friends Connect
Mom Bloggers Planet
Little Mama’s Diary
Little Kids Photography
Little Mama’s LOVE
Malaysia Online Shopping Guide and feel free to follow in Malaysia Online Shopping Guide in Facebook as well (Of course i DID!! )

Her latest venture is Little Mama's Love. What's interesting with Little Mama's Love? The items are personally made by little mama with lotsa LOVE! The clothing lines are too cute to resist. Little Mama's creativity says it all in her personal collection. Only mother knows what's good for her kids. And little mama know the designs that will make your kids looks adorable.
Of all the items, i personally like the Little Kids Apron. Its reversible and perfect for doing indoor & outdoor activities with your  kids. And what's more interesting - it's on SALE!!!. It will only cost you RM35 for the price of '2' aprons - since its reversible kan? :D. Don't we love sale items? :D
If you want to get the first hand updates from Little Mama's Love , make sure you
1. Follow Little Mama's Love  with Google Friends Connect - Of course i DID!! 
2. Register with Little Mama's Love and start shopping! - I created my account why wait?
3. Join Little Mama’s LOVE Mailing List - Of course i DID!! 

So for parents out there, if you are looking for a photographer especially to capture your kids's pictures, you know the drill. Little Kids Photography is your best bet. And to make sure your kids look gorgeous, pick some clothing from Little Mama's Love closet. I bet your kids will look adorable and great in the pictures that you will treaure10 years from now or even earlier!

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