Friday, June 18, 2010

Appetite for feverish baby

Kids will always lose their eating appetite when they fall sick. Muqtasaem is the worst. Memang takmo makan langsung except for water and milk. I tried feeding him with all his favorite food - noodles, nuggets, curry. memang tak jalan. if he eats pun setakat 1 or 2 spoons. 

But Nadhirah on the other hand, she can still eat although she's not well. Memang takde masalah. But at the moment she was having fever and she didn't want to eat. That worries me. I tried feeding her favorite food but she would only take a bite. Even milk, she refused formula milk. Only breast milk. Dahla my breast milk pun mcm hidup segan mati tak mau (read: stock makin berkurangan). So i try umpan her with chocolates. Yes she loves chocolate. I didn't encourage it but people surrounding her keep giving her. She only took 1 bite jugak! kalau tidak tak muat tangan pegang chocolate. 

Akan tetapi...when i offered her ice cream,
This what happened

yummy mama

Is it good to feed her ice cream? My mom said it will help reduce her temperature. But i doubt it. Tapi i bagi je la, since she wants it.

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  1. alalalalala..cian nye dia...
    takpe janji ade appetite nk makan...
    lg risau kalau dia takmo nak makan lg lemah n immune system lg rendah :(



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