Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I want my Nasi Lemak

I still remember those canteen operators in CBN be it primary or secondary. Although I didn’t have nasi lemak everyday during schooldays (just because my mom used to prepare my bekal), but the fact that lepaking at canteen sounds good J. Does nasi lemak contributes to obesity? Yes and No. takat makan sekali sehari,I don’t think the effect is obesity. Besides, kids need more energy which majority comes from carbohydrate which eventually comes from rice. Nasi lemak is a soo Malaysian kind-of-breakfast food. No one should take it away from the Malaysian.

*pic googled

What the government should do it to ban the selling of junk food, sweets, and chocolates in school. Sugar is the main contributor to obesity. Plus these things don’t have any nutrition. Unlike Nasi lemak – u have egg (protein), Cucumber (fiber), rice (carb).

Fast food as well should not be advertised anywhere in school. I do remember back then, bila ada event like Sports Day ke mesti ada KFC etc. See See..baik bagi nasi lemak than KFC rite?

So please don’t take away Nasi Lemak in schools or else the kids will forget the taste of Malaysian Food!  

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It has been 25 years...n yet we still want to build it

Today marked the 25th year since the Chernobyl nuclear plant explosion on 26th April 1986. I didn't know much about the Chernobyl nuclear explosion till Japan faced almost-similar nuclear crisis. Googled it and reading the chronology and the after effect saddened me. How can human could possibly think of building nuclear reactor knowing how dangerous it is. The after effect will last thousand of years!

When Japan's nuclear crisis has just began and Malaysia has decided to build nuclear plant. Aduyai..
Sebijak2 orang Jepun pun takleh nk contained the nuclear reaction. Are we ready to build it? Not to look down on our peoples' capabilities, but it is a wise decision? It is really worth it?
Hopefully the government will make a thorough study before firmly deciding on building a nuclear plant.

Friday, April 22, 2011

FREE Coffee..Starbucks plak tuh

In conjunction to Earth Day 2011, Starbucks is giving FREE coffee. Just bring your tumbler and get a complimentary coffee

AND i already got Mine...the best part, doesn't matter how big your tumbler is, they will fill it in FULL!!!
Love it...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mari belajar solat

Everytime my hubby & me solat berjemaah, we always ask d kids to join. But it all depends on their mood. Kekadang tu kejap je bertahan..angkat takbir dah cabut. At times, sampai habis doa pun ikut. But Muqtasaem je yang tahan lama tu. Nadhirah dah sambung loncat atas katil or melekat tgk 613.

My hubby bought the kopiah in Cairo while the mini telekung is frm Mekah given by their wawan. At least for a start they know solat ni mmg kena buat. Hopefully this exercise will make it easier when they are ready to learn solat later.

Bak kata org2 tua - melentur buluh biar dari rebungnya

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