Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I want my Nasi Lemak

I still remember those canteen operators in CBN be it primary or secondary. Although I didn’t have nasi lemak everyday during schooldays (just because my mom used to prepare my bekal), but the fact that lepaking at canteen sounds good J. Does nasi lemak contributes to obesity? Yes and No. takat makan sekali sehari,I don’t think the effect is obesity. Besides, kids need more energy which majority comes from carbohydrate which eventually comes from rice. Nasi lemak is a soo Malaysian kind-of-breakfast food. No one should take it away from the Malaysian.

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What the government should do it to ban the selling of junk food, sweets, and chocolates in school. Sugar is the main contributor to obesity. Plus these things don’t have any nutrition. Unlike Nasi lemak – u have egg (protein), Cucumber (fiber), rice (carb).

Fast food as well should not be advertised anywhere in school. I do remember back then, bila ada event like Sports Day ke mesti ada KFC etc. See See..baik bagi nasi lemak than KFC rite?

So please don’t take away Nasi Lemak in schools or else the kids will forget the taste of Malaysian Food!  


  1. a? sekolah ban nasi lemak ke?? aisyoh! mana boleh! I dah lama tak makan nasi lemak ... uuwaaa!!! try masak dah but tak sedap sangat .. *sob* *sob* kena tunggu balik malaysia balik lah heheh ;D

  2. eh rasa nye nasik lemak x kene ban kot.

  3. isk.. nasi lemak tu one of the sign 'MALAYSIA'. mana boleh ban.. nanti next generation tak kenal apa itu nasi lemak. sedih!



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