Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nadhirah turns 14 months

Nadhirah turns 14 months on 09.09.09. thats a special date for the year.
So far she already got 8 batang gigi and still kuat makan. one thing i noticed, she does not get crancky or fever masa tumbuh gigi. tau2 je dah ada nampak putih2 at her gusi. some people say because breastfed babies are like that. Alhamdulillah, i still managed to breastfeed her till today and am hoping till she turns 2 years old. InsyaAllah.

Friday, September 4, 2009

mama pinjam bulu mata bley

both my kids have long and curly eyelashes. mama nye sangat jeles k. obviously they do not get it from me. mine is as short and as straight as it is. pakai mascara pun tak membantu.

Muqtasaem has always being mistaken as a girl because of his eyes. tgk atas bawah curly.

Masa baby, Nadhirah's eyelashes was short and straight like me. however as she grows up, her eyelashes jadi panjang n curly

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

MySuperKids Special Aidilfitri Giveaway

I first stumbled to this blog few months back and terus jadi follower. she already organised a few contest but i never participate since i'm not blogger yang tegar. But this time, i think i want to join the contest and eventually start blogging again (hopefully!).

So saper2 nak dapatkan voucher minyak PETRONAS. come and join the contest. Since the petrol price has increased, why not get the voucher for free kan?

The PRIZES will be:


PETRONAS fuel voucher worth RM70

Special blog review by MySuperKids


PETRONAS fuel voucher worth RM50


PETRONAS fuel voucher worth RM30

How to join?

Very easy-peasy. Sangat-sangat senang.

Just copy and paste the code provided in her entry

Don’t forget to inform kalau dah buat! Nanti kot ada yang tertinggal pulak :D

The winner will be selected by LUCKY DRAW! Seperti biasa ia akan di-draw-kan oleh dua orang hakim berkaliber kita.

Pssstt… Setiap satu penyertaan akan dapat 1 nombor a.k.a. 1 peluang cabutan, TAPI anda berpeluang untuk dapat berpeluang2 lagi, dengan melakukan ini:-

  1. Tampalkan code di atas di sidebar – 1 KAD CABUTAN <— ini syarat wajib utk sertai giveaway ni.
  2. Buat satu entry ringkas, just copy+paste code di atas juga dalam entry anda – 1 LAGI KAD CABUTAN.
  3. Buat satu lagi entry tentang giveaway ni dengan backlink ke MySuperKids – 1 LAGI KAD CABUTAN.
  4. Add di blogroll – 1 LAGI KAD CABUTAN (yg dah add pun dikira).
  5. Masukkan link entry ini di FaceBook (notes/status/wall,etc.) – 1 LAGI KAD CABUTAN.
  6. Masukkan link entry ini di Twitter – 1 LAGI KAD CABUTAN.
  7. Kalau ada lebih dari satu blog dan buat benda yang sama – CABUTAN DIKIRA 2 KALI.

So apalagi, jom join beramai2

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

When i decided not to use any utensils

this happened sometime ago. he was using a fork at first. after a few suap he uses his hands. then ntah tetiba datang mood malas, he just use his mouth to get the mee from the plate. macam2 kerenah


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