Sunday, May 30, 2010


My eyes are soo red that i wanna be like spiderman..wear a mask ;)
Muqtasaems' eyes r getting better. Having another appointment with Dr Rozita tommorrow. Hopefully everything goes well.
BUT now Mr hubby is having eye infection pulakkkk.. Larikkkkk

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Devil's Red Eye

Muqtasaem is having eye infection since last Friday. But yesterday his eye was sooooo RED!!! And today we are going to see an eye specialist. Hope everything will be okay.

Scary kan??

I'm so sedih bila tgk his eye..wish i'm the one suffering it.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

dua, empat, lapan, seploh??? pick you number

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When I got married, I never really put a thought on how many children I want to have. Alhamdulillah, I’ve got 2 kids. To get another one now? Not in my mindset at the moment. Does it matter how many kids you produce? Or the quality of the kids you produce? Kalau ikutkan salasilah keluarga Mr Hubby, memang besar – Quantity. And Alhamdulillah it comes with Quality. Tapi itu zaman 60s-70s. But now raising a kid is not cheap. People may debate - anak itu rezeki. But kenalah kita ukur baju di badan sendiri. To give the best to your kids is not cheap anymore. Sending Muqtasaem to kindergarten alone cost me RM200 a month. Ini baru umuq 3 tahun. The cost gets higher as he ages. Itupun I got him to a less expensive kindergarten. There are kindergartens charging up to RM600 a month or maybe more for a 3 years old kid.

As a parent, you would want to give the best to your kids. Best milk, best clothes, best education, best lifestyle..segala mak nenek la nak yang the BEST. anak seorang dua - manageable, but lima, lapan, seploh orang???? Mau mak bapak kena kerja siang malam. For parents living in KL, its not easy to raise a big family. You CAN, but its not easy. It requires a lot of sacrifices. So it comes back to quantity or quality.

Speaking from my own experience, having two kids pun I could not concentrate on them 100%. Monitor their growth and development pun tak terkejar. Imagine having more than 5 kids. I totally respect parents with lots of kids and yet still manage to produce quality ones – educated, high moral values. Berjaya membahagikan kasih saying seadil-adilnya. Susah! So if I were to asked, quality or quantity? I would choose quality. But I still got certain limit on quantity. I may not satisfy with 2 kids but maybe 4 kids, keyword MAYBE. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Aid Pregnancy Kit

I'm sure most have heard the news about PLKN Baby. It is a scary thought knowing that a pregnant teenager entered PLKN without anyone noticing that she was pregnant!!! It's even scarier that the parents did not know about it. Who would expect a pregnant teenager would enter PLKN unnoticed. But zaman sekarang ni, apa-apa pun boleh jadi. Maybe kita tak pernah terfikir perkara macam ni akan berlaku sebab zaman dulu kalau pregnant sebelum kahwin mau kena humban dalam gaung. Tapi sekarang budak-budak makin sosial.

So seperti biasa, dah terhantuk baru tergadah. Only now, PLKN akan mewajibkan setiap pelatih perempuan menjalani ujian kehamilan. Who would have thought this thing will happen in the past? But now, anything is possible.

So as mothers, do we need to include pregnancy test as part of the First Aid Kit at home? Nauzubillah! But anything is possible, right?

Nadhirah, nanti mama jadik bodyguard hang bila besar. Hang menggatal skit, siap!

sila jangan buat muka sedih2 hokay

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I am my own Doctor

Do you have temperature indicator for fever in your house?
For a family with kids, it is an essential tools that you MUST have. There are a lot of types that you can purchase from the pharmacy or babies stores.

We had 2 types, but the most used ones are like something this

One day, i saw Nadhirah selongkar my beg and found a piece of paper..and look what she did

mmg adorable

mau jadik Doctor la mama

Monday, May 17, 2010

Thomas sudah dibawa lari & Sibu berciciran

Seperti sudah maklum, Thomas Cup sudah terbang ke China. Takpe, 2012 make sure we have a strong team. Sila keluarkan 'warga-warga emas' yaa..

Disebabkan Malaysia masuk semi final dan untuk merasakan experience berada di stadium, i went for the Semi Final game with Mr Hubby in Friday evening. Masa sampai, game dah start halfway. Chong Wei dah pun jauh ketinggalan. Tapi tkpe, Malaysia tetap Boleh. Boleh tahan la crowd aritu.

Boleh tahan crowd aritu

First double, sangat hampa hokey

Second single getting ready.. 21 yo vs 33yo..hmmm

Game 2nd single tak habis lagi, ramai dah cabut..kecewakah?

Wondering gak, kalau-kalau ada orang nak Boo Boo bila Malaysia kalah tapi hhmm tkde. Mungkin sebab kita ditewaskan oleh China kot. So kalau kalah takpe. Apakah?? Tapi overall saya tak puas hati dengan persembahan Malaysia yang tak fight langsung! Penat hokey, mengharungi jam di petang Jumaat hanya untuk menyokong Malaysia..hahahaha..kan dah berkira.
Pakcik depan i ni mmg bersemangat

Anyways, Hope we will bring back the Cup in 2012!!

On a different update, Sibu sudah beralih tangan ke PPR dengan majoriti yang kurang significant. Apakah??? Mungkin rakyat sudah maju, tapi politik kita masih ditampuk lama. wahai politicians, sila fikirkan yee.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Malaysia Atau China????

if you were to ask me if like to watch badminton. No & Yes. NO because saya tak suka menda-menda yang buat saya cepat nervous. Nervous hokay tengok game badminton ni. rasa macam nak luruh jantung bila tengok shuttlecock macam tak boleh diselamatkan. Adrenaline rush.

YES because its one (or is it the ONLY ONE) that Malaysia is good at. Although IMHO, as a team we are still not strong but at least we have 1 or 2 good players.
So malam ni, siapakah akan menang? We will see it LIVE!! yeay..

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Who wants a FREE bag???


I won Slinging Lucy Swingpack by Gin & Jacqie. 

Thanks to Bagskaki for organizing the contest and also thanks to those who clicked on the entry. Because of that I won a bag! Yippie..

A sling bag is very useful when you have 2 active toddlers to handle. You can just sling in across your shoulder and chase your kids around! Hahahhaa..easy kan? Tak leceh-leceh nak pegang handbag sambil berlari. Plus you can shop easily with a sling bag. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I came, I PUMP, I Conquer

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I love to watch Kimora Life in the Fab Lane. Yesterday, I managed to catch the first episode of the latest season. The arrival of Kenzo – Kimora & Djimo’s son. I was impressed she spares some time to express her milk despite her busy schedule. Every HOUR to be exact!! To express breast milk every hour for a busy woman like her is actually near to impossible. But she manages to do it. Me? I only managed to pump twice a day at the office. I’m way behind her league.
*image googled*

She expresses her milk while her hair or her makeup is being done. Impressive? Absolutely and I salute her for her determination. She admitted that breasfeeding helps her lose post pregnancy weight

“About how she’s been trying to lose her post-pregnancy weight this time around?
Breastfeeding really helps, and sometimes I hit the treadmill with Djimon, but I’ve only done that four times.”
But there are still mothers who choose not to breastfeed their babies. Busy Schedule? Look at Kimora, she can do it. 
I read a short column in the Sun yesterday on Breastfeeding Policy. Many employers especially in the private sector  are unsupportive of the government's policy to have mothers breastfeed their babies for the first six months of life. Alhamdulillah, the place i used to work before have converted smoking room to be mother's room. And also my current workplace has a comfortable mother's room. I remember when i have to express my milk everywhere - empty cubicles, surau, filing room. Those were the days. Now its getting more convenient. BUT its all about the choices that the mothers choose.. For mommy-to-be, think wisely and read more about breastfeeding. It WILL change the way you think :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

1SuperKids Family Day

We had a blast!

1Superkids Family Day was a blast. Tired but we had fun. Penat hokay, turun naik tangga. Kejang rasa kaki ini. But look at the bright side - its a form of an exercise. I didnt got a chance to take a lot pictures..yelah pakai phone je. no canggih manggih camera.

So lets see, what do we had on Sunday

For the Kids

Anak-anakku yang beria mewarna..sampai meniarap, hoverr

Coloring Contest

Felt craft


For mommies

Babywearing talk

Bengkel memakai tudung

And the hardworking AJKs, the Bling Babes...It was an honor working with you ladies...

For those who missed it, maybe next time yeeerr

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why you talk like that one?

I overheard a conversation between two teenagers yesterday. It sounds like a typical conversation. But what really annoyed me is the fact that every sentence that came out from their month contains vulgar or not to nice words. "Eh b*bi la ngko ni". "ko nak makan apa, s**l". "p**t*t mak ngko ahh".

Astaghfirullah. How can they even think to construct such sentences? Mau terasa cikgu Bahasa Melayu kat sekolah. Tak pernah pulak keluar dalam paper SPM ayat-ayat sebegitu. But these conversations are normal among teenagers. Terasa cool kot cakap macam tu. Cool ke? Kalau dah terbiasa cakap macam tu, mau depan mak ayah pun terkeluar ayat-ayat sebegitu. Kalau anak i, mau kena penampar barang dua kerat.

If we were to analyze whats the underlying reasons, it may resulted from the conversations they overheard from the parents. Parents pun cakap macam tu, anak-anak pun ingat biasa la. I always reminded myself not to utter negative words in front of the kids. Kids are like sponge, they absorb but they do not filter.

Influence by the peers and fear of not fitting in, makes these teenagers use those words. It's not u does fit in, its just you chose the wrong friends. So as parents we really need to by Miss Nosy Parker. Know who your kids' friends.

BTW, I sempat sound budak-budak tuh, "Apa la guna ayat-ayat macam tu". Terdiam sekejap. ish ish...budak-budak zaman sekarang!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lets Plant a Tree

Muqatsaem got a Gardening set during Plant A Tree Campaign in March. Muqtasaem kept showing me the box but I didn't get the chance to see whats inside it till recently.

So let see whats inside. There are 3 pots with 3 bags of soil and some seeds. So lets plant some trees...err vegetables actually. There are mustard, lettuce and spinach seeds.

So what do we do next? Before you start, please wear gloves ya.The kids were wearing gloves at first but tak sampai 5 minit dah bukak. It's easier to do gardening with bare hands kot. But don't forget to wash your hands once you are done.
First step, pour the soil into the pot. 

Then water the soil till its soaked. During the process, use a stick to make sure the soil is totally soaked. Gembur-gemburkan tanah sikit. 

Next, flatten the soil and make some holes in the pot, roughly 10 holes. Take some seeds and put it inside those holes. 

Close the holes and walla..wait till it grows! We labelled each of the pots. 1 pot mustard, 1 pot lettuce and 1 pot spinach.

Dont forget to water your vegetables or else it will be dead especially in this hot weather!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Apa ada pada nama

Pemberian nama kepada anak-anak adalah sesuatu yang penting. Nama yang diberikan haruslah membawa maksud yang baik. Bak kata orang "nama itu doa". Kenapa? Sebab orang akan memanggil kita dengan nama kita. Kalau nama kita membawa maksud baik, bermakna orang tu telah mendoakan kita yang baik-baik.

Contohnya, kalau nama kita "syukran" yg membawa maksud "yang bersyukur". Maka setiap kali kawan-kawan memanggil Syukran, mereka telah mendoakan kita - yang bersyukur. Secara tidak langsung membentuk peribadi kita menjadi orang yang sentiasa bersyukur. InsyaAllah.
Tapi jangan pulak disingkatkan nama jadi "Syuk" @ "shark". Yelah nama glamour. Dah bawak maksud lain.

Masa nak pilih nama anak-anak, i bagi requirement:

a. single name - no Ahmad, no Mohd etc
b. 3 suku kata. Not too short n not too long
c. Doesnt start with A or Z. Sebab i dah rasa mcm mana nama start dari A. Nama A yg selalu kena panggil dulu. Mr Hubby plak start with Z. Selalu je last kena panggil.

Maka terhasil lah
1. Muqtasaem yang membawa maksud "pegangan yang teguh". Ni Mr Hubby yang pilih.
2. Nadhirah yang membawa maksud "berseri-seri". Ni i yang pilih.

Simple. Yang penting kena panggil penuh. Kalau ada 2 nama pun, letih mulut nak sebut semua kan? Last-last terus jadi 'nama glamour' yang dah takde maksud.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Bila chicken pox menyerang

What happened when chicken pox menyerang?
Patient : Gatal-gatal, cannot sleep, less appetite
Mama : Sleepless nites!

Thats the equation when our children is sick. The Moms will always be the one looking like a zombie taking care of our lil ones. Its not that we are complaining, but that the sacrifices that we have to make. Kesian tengok anak-anak bila diaorang sakit. Rasa macam let us feel the pain but not them.
Nadhirah was having fever on Thursday. The fever was quite high but we thought its just a normal fever. Then on Friday nite, as i was changing her diapers then only i realized there are few red spots at her lower body. a few at her hands. But nothing on the upper body or face.

My mom said, its chicken pox. So i lumurkan her body with bedak sejuk for the nite. Before that she kept showing me there is something in her mouth. But everytime i asked her to open her mouth for me to take a look, she bite me! So after seeing red spots on her body, i suspected she had some ulcer in her mouth as well. That explains the lost of appetite. Kesian betul! She could not sleep well. Kept on screaming and crying every 2 3 hours. Mama nya pun sama la terjaga.

When she fall sick, she kept on clinging on me. Tak mau langsung orang lain. Itu yang agak letih.
We gave her some cococunt drink the next day. Petua orang-orang tua supaya the chicken pox keluar habis. But then, no red spots on her upper body.

Alhamdulillah now she is recovering and yesterday she slept quite well and so did her mama. Yeay! If she's still screaming last nite, alamatnya mama kena amik Emergency Leave today.

Get well soon Nadhirah.


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