Tuesday, May 25, 2010

dua, empat, lapan, seploh??? pick you number

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When I got married, I never really put a thought on how many children I want to have. Alhamdulillah, I’ve got 2 kids. To get another one now? Not in my mindset at the moment. Does it matter how many kids you produce? Or the quality of the kids you produce? Kalau ikutkan salasilah keluarga Mr Hubby, memang besar – Quantity. And Alhamdulillah it comes with Quality. Tapi itu zaman 60s-70s. But now raising a kid is not cheap. People may debate - anak itu rezeki. But kenalah kita ukur baju di badan sendiri. To give the best to your kids is not cheap anymore. Sending Muqtasaem to kindergarten alone cost me RM200 a month. Ini baru umuq 3 tahun. The cost gets higher as he ages. Itupun I got him to a less expensive kindergarten. There are kindergartens charging up to RM600 a month or maybe more for a 3 years old kid.

As a parent, you would want to give the best to your kids. Best milk, best clothes, best education, best lifestyle..segala mak nenek la nak yang the BEST. anak seorang dua - manageable, but lima, lapan, seploh orang???? Mau mak bapak kena kerja siang malam. For parents living in KL, its not easy to raise a big family. You CAN, but its not easy. It requires a lot of sacrifices. So it comes back to quantity or quality.

Speaking from my own experience, having two kids pun I could not concentrate on them 100%. Monitor their growth and development pun tak terkejar. Imagine having more than 5 kids. I totally respect parents with lots of kids and yet still manage to produce quality ones – educated, high moral values. Berjaya membahagikan kasih saying seadil-adilnya. Susah! So if I were to asked, quality or quantity? I would choose quality. But I still got certain limit on quantity. I may not satisfy with 2 kids but maybe 4 kids, keyword MAYBE. 

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