Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lets Plant a Tree

Muqatsaem got a Gardening set during Plant A Tree Campaign in March. Muqtasaem kept showing me the box but I didn't get the chance to see whats inside it till recently.

So let see whats inside. There are 3 pots with 3 bags of soil and some seeds. So lets plant some trees...err vegetables actually. There are mustard, lettuce and spinach seeds.

So what do we do next? Before you start, please wear gloves ya.The kids were wearing gloves at first but tak sampai 5 minit dah bukak. It's easier to do gardening with bare hands kot. But don't forget to wash your hands once you are done.
First step, pour the soil into the pot. 

Then water the soil till its soaked. During the process, use a stick to make sure the soil is totally soaked. Gembur-gemburkan tanah sikit. 

Next, flatten the soil and make some holes in the pot, roughly 10 holes. Take some seeds and put it inside those holes. 

Close the holes and walla..wait till it grows! We labelled each of the pots. 1 pot mustard, 1 pot lettuce and 1 pot spinach.

Dont forget to water your vegetables or else it will be dead especially in this hot weather!


  1. Waahh..gardener set...nk try jugak ah


    lets change the link...

  3. Salam ziarah,
    baca pasal ur blog review di Mombloggersplanet. Bagusla idea gardenet set ni. I pun ada sepasang kids mcm u. Jenuh jugak dok fikir aktiviti2 nak isi masa they all bila di rumah. Tak pernah cuba lagi outdoor activity mcm ni :). nanti boleh la jenguk2 nurseri pokok kat umah tu untuk beli peralatan.

  4. tu lah sekali skala buat activity outdoor menarik gak..tapi kotor la skit kannn



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