Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I came, I PUMP, I Conquer

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I love to watch Kimora Life in the Fab Lane. Yesterday, I managed to catch the first episode of the latest season. The arrival of Kenzo – Kimora & Djimo’s son. I was impressed she spares some time to express her milk despite her busy schedule. Every HOUR to be exact!! To express breast milk every hour for a busy woman like her is actually near to impossible. But she manages to do it. Me? I only managed to pump twice a day at the office. I’m way behind her league.
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She expresses her milk while her hair or her makeup is being done. Impressive? Absolutely and I salute her for her determination. She admitted that breasfeeding helps her lose post pregnancy weight

“About how she’s been trying to lose her post-pregnancy weight this time around?
Breastfeeding really helps, and sometimes I hit the treadmill with Djimon, but I’ve only done that four times.”
But there are still mothers who choose not to breastfeed their babies. Busy Schedule? Look at Kimora, she can do it. 
I read a short column in the Sun yesterday on Breastfeeding Policy. Many employers especially in the private sector  are unsupportive of the government's policy to have mothers breastfeed their babies for the first six months of life. Alhamdulillah, the place i used to work before have converted smoking room to be mother's room. And also my current workplace has a comfortable mother's room. I remember when i have to express my milk everywhere - empty cubicles, surau, filing room. Those were the days. Now its getting more convenient. BUT its all about the choices that the mothers choose.. For mommy-to-be, think wisely and read more about breastfeeding. It WILL change the way you think :)


  1. Tu lah psl. Kimora pun boleh buat kan. Hebat betul, mudah2an Fin berjaya bf lama baby no 3 ni. Amin

  2. Fyn - insyaAllah, we are all SuperWoman bebeh!



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