Monday, May 3, 2010

Bila chicken pox menyerang

What happened when chicken pox menyerang?
Patient : Gatal-gatal, cannot sleep, less appetite
Mama : Sleepless nites!

Thats the equation when our children is sick. The Moms will always be the one looking like a zombie taking care of our lil ones. Its not that we are complaining, but that the sacrifices that we have to make. Kesian tengok anak-anak bila diaorang sakit. Rasa macam let us feel the pain but not them.
Nadhirah was having fever on Thursday. The fever was quite high but we thought its just a normal fever. Then on Friday nite, as i was changing her diapers then only i realized there are few red spots at her lower body. a few at her hands. But nothing on the upper body or face.

My mom said, its chicken pox. So i lumurkan her body with bedak sejuk for the nite. Before that she kept showing me there is something in her mouth. But everytime i asked her to open her mouth for me to take a look, she bite me! So after seeing red spots on her body, i suspected she had some ulcer in her mouth as well. That explains the lost of appetite. Kesian betul! She could not sleep well. Kept on screaming and crying every 2 3 hours. Mama nya pun sama la terjaga.

When she fall sick, she kept on clinging on me. Tak mau langsung orang lain. Itu yang agak letih.
We gave her some cococunt drink the next day. Petua orang-orang tua supaya the chicken pox keluar habis. But then, no red spots on her upper body.

Alhamdulillah now she is recovering and yesterday she slept quite well and so did her mama. Yeay! If she's still screaming last nite, alamatnya mama kena amik Emergency Leave today.

Get well soon Nadhirah.


  1. ooh.. chicken pox..kesian kalau anak kena ni.. Izzah had that twice u see.

    hope cepat sembuh la ye!

  2. Get vit c fo her..insyaAllah lagi cepat recover

  3. alhamdulillah, she's recovering. berkat breastmilk kot :D

  4. hmm.. confuse jugak kan, my daughter baru kene chicken pox dalam proses recovering...



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