Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bagskaki Contest

Ever since Coach Boutique is launched in Malaysia back few years back, i seldom visit the store. Maybe at that point of time, the bags are expensive to my liking. After a while, Coach has become a hit and its a must bag for most bagaholics. And ever since, there are lots of online store start to sell Coach online. Most of the bags are from USA which is way much cheaper than the boutique itself.

For a person like me, i don't mind having to wait for a while to get the bag i wanted if its way cheaper BUT i will never tolerate the authenticity of the bag. The bag MUST be authentic. As most of you are aware, most of the replica of designer bags are using child labor. Remember we must protect the Children's right?
Online stores selling Coach has been growing like mushroom nowadays. But can the store be trusted in delivering good quality authentic Coach bags? Fret not, now you can safely shop at BagsKaki. They offer wide range of authentic bag focusing on Coach and other designer brands from USA. They also carry local brand gin&Jacqie

Now they are organizing a contest. And the prizes are hard to resist. Bags from Gin&Jacqie!! 

For more info, you can visit MomBloggersPlanet

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