Sunday, March 28, 2010

MQ Turns 3!

"Happy Birthday to you, 
 Happy Birthday to you,
 Happy Birthday to Muqtasaem,
 Happy Birthday to you!!!"

3 years ago at this date, Muqtsaem was born to this world. It took me 15 hours to deliver my first born. I felt stomach pain at 2 in the morning and later found out that i started bleeding. But i remained calm, woke Mr Hubby for Isya' prayer. Only then i told Mr Hubby that i need to go to the hospital. Although the hospital is just 5 minutes away, Mr Hubby panicked up to the point we arrived at the hospital in less than a minute :).  I managed to call my parents on the way to the hospital. My parents were shocked because we didnt woke them up since we stayed together.  

I was 2cm dilated when i was admitted. So i was sent to ward and had to wait for Dr Fauziah in the morning. The pain was unbearable and i couldn't sleep. At around 7 a.m i was hungry and asked Mr Hubby to buy me McDonalds.  But we waited for the doctor to check me first. Dr Fauziah came at around 8a.m and told me that i need to be in the labor room. Dah tak dapat McDonalds. I was given 2 slices of bread but then were asked to 'clear' my bowel. hhmmpphhh..

I was sent to the labor room. At that time, my contractions were frequent around 4 minutes apart and i was 3 cm dilated. At the labor room, Dr broke my water bag and induced me. The aftermath of those, was totally unbearable. The pain was excruciating and the contractions were <1 minute apart. I tried to use the breathing technique taught at prenatal classes, but it was not that successful. At around 11 am, the midwife came and check and still i was only 4 cm dilated!!! Masa tu dah sakit sangat but baru 4cm??? Mr Hubby was there beside me trying to calm me. I requested painkillers, since the breathing technique and the gas were not working for me. After i got the jab, i managed to relax a bit. i was so weak since i had nothing since breakfast. Only water. Memang exhausted sangat2. 

At 12noon, Dr Fauziah came for a visit and i was still not ready for delivery. Baru 5 cm dilated!! At that point, i couldnt stand the pain and i asked for Epidural. My wish was granted and i tell you, the needle was soooooo huge! Gerun je tengok. But whatever la to ease the pain. After the jab, I managed to sleep for a while. Totally exhausted! 

At 3 pm, i was 6 cm dilated. But i didn't mind since i didn't feel a thing. At 5pm, Dr Fauziah came in and check again and i was 7 cm dilated. At that point, she told me that by 6p.m if i didn't deliver, she might need to do a C-sect. Oh no! that was the last thing i wanted to hear. My epidural meds was reduced to prepare me for delivery. And at 5.45pm, i was 10cm dilated! yeay..and i can start pushing but the problem was i couldnt feel a thing! I did feel a pressure to push but i wasnt pushing it right. The baby was in stress. Dr let me try again before she had to suck the baby out. Alhmadulillah, my final push was a success and Muqtasaem was born at approximately 6p.m.


  1. Happy belated birthday! Comels sangat!

  2. Happy belated birthday!

    I think ni first time Fin komen kat sini. So HELLO! =)

  3. Nana : TQ, auntie :D

    Fynnaz : TQ, auntie :D, mama says hello tooo



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