Thursday, March 18, 2010

My safety first?

Despite all the campaigns by the governement on road safety, they are still ignorant, selfish parents who neglects the safety of their children. As you can see from the pic, ONLY the father is wearing a helmet, while both of his children are not. You may say, "alaaa, the distance is short. only 1KM" but accident could happen and the probability is higher when you are riding a motorcycle.
It happened to me once (i'm not the victim) quite sometime ago. My cousin was driving the car while i'm at the passenger seat. We were waiting at the entrance of a parking lot to get the ticket when we heard a bang from the back of our car. A motorist with a toddler banged to our car and the kid tercampak. and guess what, the kid was not wearing any helmet. Kitaorang siap panik and adalah feel a bit guilty as if we caused the accident. Alhamdulillah the kid was okay with a little bit of scratch. But the father admitted his fault because he was distracted by the crying kid and not concentrating on the road. Luckily he was at a very slow speed. Even at a slow speed, the kid still tercampak. Just imagine, if you are riding and banged into a moving car, what would be the impact? 
With all the news about road accident in papers everyday, they are still ignorant parents who jeopardize their kids life. Sungguh ku tak paham

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