Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Aku menyesal Kahwin!!

interesting topic at HotFM this morning. "Menyesal kahwin"
There's a husband called and said he regret marrying his wife because his wife decided not to have any babies after 4 years of getting married and they have been married for 8 years! When the AM crew called his wife, she refused to answer their questions and just put down the phone. ada jugak kan org taknak anak. The wife should be grateful that her husband has been faithful and patient. According to the husband, his wife wants to concentrate on her career as well as to maintain her figure. What a lame excuse? kan byk slimming center that you can go after giving birth. siapkan duit je.

I think all woman wants their own children. ada yang to certain extent go for adoption. Naluri seorang wanita tu kan suka kepada kanak-kanak, naluri seorang ibu itu pasti ada! deep down inside a cold hearted woman pun mesti ada perasaan keibuan. sama seperti orang yg buang anak tuh, deep down inside i rasalah they might regret and feel guilty of dumping their child. cuma depa ni tak pikir panjang.

back to the topic, a decision of not having a child in a marriage is ridiculous. kenapa Nabi sarankan kita untuk berkahwin? Untuk menambahkan umat. Besides that, having a child can streghten the relationship between husband and wife. When you get married, you are only tied with your marriage vow. But when you have a child, this child is like a bond that both of you cannot let go. hubungan suami isteri mungkin akan berakhir dengan penceraian. tetapi hubungan anak dengan ibubapa sampai bila-bila.

Mungkin the wife tu kurang pendidikan agama & tak pikir panjang...*sigh*

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