Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Puzzle me

During our outing last weekend, we stopped by Toys R Us. The intention was to buy a bicycle for Muqtasaem since he's getting taller day by day and he couldn't fit in his old bicycle. But they were out of stock. So we let the kids choose any toys. This is like a monthly ritual for them. We alternate it between toys and books. So at the end Muqtasaem chose a jigsaw puzzle and Nadhirah a soft hammer.
We bought jigsaw puzzle before, but at that time Muqtasaem has yet to master the skill. So this time, we taught him once and suprisingly he managed to finish the puzzle alone. And he kept on repeating it! hehehehe..tunggulah dah jemu nanti, entah ke mana hilang puzzle pieces tuh

On your mark get set go..

Putting the pieces together

Halfway through

Few more pieces

Working hard

Walla..bravo bravo

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