Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Date = Tarikh?

I knew my hubby few days before i left for UK. We were set up in a blind date. Our first date was dinner at Nailis Place at Ampang. I has this nervous feeling of meeting a new person (particularly a guy). I was a shy person back then. However, on this very first date, i was talkative. One of the main reasons was my date is quite a quiet guy. And since i was nervous, i couldn't stop talking! I was blabbing about life, work and everything under the sun. Up to a point i has this feeling "Oh this guy must think i'm a mad woman who couldn't stop talking! and he wouldn't want to see me again". But well what the heck, i was leaving for UK in a couple of days and wont be seeing each other anymore.

After we finished eating our dinner, i wanted to call the night's off. But surprisingly, my date wanted to stay a little bit longer. I thought he was getting bored hearing me talking! But i was wrong..ha ha ha! Eventually we called the night's off and never see each other again for a year. 

After a year, we saw each other again and started dating but not for long. We got married 8 months later. Till today we still go out for a date. In my opinion, married couple should go out for a date once in a while without the kids! Just the two of you. And yes we still do movies, dinner and lunches just the two of us! Who said dating can only be done before marriage. So for married couples out there, take this opportunity to rekindle your relationship by going for a date!
And if you are thinking of a movie, don't forget to watch "Date Night"


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