Thursday, March 11, 2010


Having 2 kids has really test my patience level. Tambah lagi both are still growing. Fening mamanya. Nak je naik darah everytime both of them buat perangai. Betul la kata orang tua2, darah muda ni panas je selalu. Patutlah nenek&datuk je leh tahan ngan cucu-cucu. Sebab when they were younger mana tahan ngan anak-anak yang selalu dengar nenek&atuk manjakan cucu.
Last night when we were having dinner, out of the blue these two kids were yelling "No! No! No!" to each other. Entah apa sebab pun i tak tau. I was in the middle between both of them, naik pening dibuatnya. I dah nak bukak mulut nak marah je, but i decided to keep quiet and let them yelled at each other. Lagi dilarang lagi dia buat, so keep quiet je la.
Sometimes you feel like screaming to them but after that u'll know that you'll regret it. So (sometimes) when i was about to scold them, i'll try to remember these points (kalau sempat lah)
1. Imagine that your kids are being scold by other people. Do you like it?
2. Scolding them may have negative impacts on the kids like scared to be adventurous, less vocal, shy, etc
3. The kids may hate you and may not be coming to you for comfort.
4. You will stressed yourself. "jangan marah-marah nanti cepat tua". Tak pasal kena buat treatment tegangkan muka :)

Itu je.. Apa lagi yek?

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