Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Book Fair 2010

Marilah kita membentuk budaya membaca :)
We managed to find some time to visit KL International Book Fair last Saturday. We arrived as early as 10a.m hoping that we can avoid the crowd. But to our disapppointment the crowd has already built up when we arrived. But it was not so bad.

Looking at the crowd i wonder whether the study done by Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia is correct. It was mentioned on average, 2 books were read by a person in a year and it was mostly magazines and comics. Maybe PNM should redo their research :).

I can't remember the last time i went to KLIBF, but there were 3-4 halls for this KLIBF. We brought the kids along. The first hour was ok, but slowly the kids becoming restless. Luckily there were a lot of distractions for the kids - ballons, puzzle etc.

There was this one company who rented out a number of spots at KLIBF. I think ada kot dalam 3 spots per hall! I've heard about their product for quite sometime but i kind of skeptical of the products they offer. Macam a set of flash cards (dlm beratus2 flash cards) and it costs like RM1K and above! Maybe its because of the IP or whatever but the pictures on the cards are not attractive at all. Macam dull je. From an adult perspective, its dull apatah lagi the kids. And the salerpersons were like piranha..pantang nampak potential customer..serbu and tak putus asa.

After four hours, these were our hasil tangkapan :)

Maybe this is going to be our annual event. A way to encourage the kids to love reading books. Oh another thing, i think the organizer may want to reevaluate the location. Maybe Convex for next year event.


  1. Alaaa tak sempat pegi cause last weekend busy dengan wedding and family affairs.

  2. Fynnaz: boleh tahan la..byk buku on sale :) cuma tak larat nak jalan je

  3. ade pegi booth celcom tak n perasan ade mamat nie iras2 macam muke i...hehehehhe
    thats my borther! ;)
    *pegi bookfair nak cari buku, takde mase u nak g jejak celcom booth plak kan heheheh*

  4. alamak..ada ke booth celcom. I nampak booth digi je yg berlambak :D



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