Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Masyarakat yang prihatin

It was around 6ish yesterday and i was waiting for Mr Hubby in front of Convex. The road is always busy with vehicles as well as people crossing the road. Only recently that a traffic light was installed to allow pedestrian to cross. before this kira gamble la nak lintas jalan.

The traffic was quite heavy at that time, mostly going towards Pavillion/Bukit Bintang. I was kinda disappointed to see that motorist ignored the traffic light when it turned red. so org yang nak melintas ni tak boleh melintas when they were supposed to cross!!

When the pedestrian lights went green, they were supposed to cross. BUT these ignorant motorist selamba kodok je jalan. siap speed lagi. But only can speed for like 10m cause it was jam in front. What of waste of fuel je.

The main point is, Malaysia is still lacking of driving ethics. Zebra crossing is just a landscape on the road. No one truly understand its functions. Dah ada zebra crossing, letak lagi traffic light pun orang tak paham. Di mana silapnya? Nak tunggu ada polis dulu baru berhenti?

I remembered when i was in UK, the moment my foot stepped on the road/zebra crossing, the motorist will stop and give way although it was their road. I nearly got myself knocked by a car, when i used the similar method in KL. The moment you set your foot on the zebra crossing, the faster the motorist will accelerate.
Apa sudah jadi to 1Malaysia (relevan ke)?

This kind of drivers add up to the statistics of road accident. Not because of the vehicle or the road or other people BUT the attitude of the drivers themselves.

Terbayang-bayang kalau ada yang melintas tu bawak anak kan? kot2 anak dia terlepas pegang ke..Nauzubillah.

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