Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Blues

Why Monday Blues?

1. Sat & Sun are not enough to rejuvenate 5 days of working. Tak balance!
2. Because our weekend is spent to do personal things i.e grocery shopping, family outing. These activities are also tiring. So by Monday, pun still penat. So need Monday off as well :D
3. Two days lazing at home doing nothing.Mind stop working. so by Monday nak start engine lambat panas!
4. Its all in the mindset. Sebab dah stamp dalam kepala..Monday mesti bluesssss
5. Sebab dah boring dgn kerja sekarang :D
6. Sebab duduk rumah lagi best! walaupun actually penat melayan anak2
7. Sebab malas bangun pagi utk pergi keje setelah 2 hari bangun lambat
8. dan bermacam2 sebab lagi :D

So lets change to Monday Rocks!!!!


  1. no no noooo..answer lets take unpaid leave!!! hehehhehe

  2. kalau unpaid leave forever can aa? hahahaha



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