Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Is Sex Education enough?

Polls have been running to get feedback from the public on whether our education system should include sex education. This is the result of a number of cases reported on babies being dumped. IMHO, sex education is just a component of the whole scenario. Leaders shall not jump into conclusion that sex education will eliminate the problems. This problem should be viewed in a holistic manner.
Prevention is better than cure as the saying goes. We find ways to prevent a problem from happening. But when only a problem occurred then we can find the cure. So in approaching this issue, we need to see in three perspectives:

1.      Prevention
Why prevention? Because we already know the consequences of the problem. Ni macam buat root cause analysis. When we find the root cause, we create the barriers to prevent it from happening. So in this case, sex education is a component in prevention category. But this alone is not enough.
At home parents could teach their children moral values and didikan agama. The relationship as a family need to be strengthens so that parents know what their kids are doing. If it means to control the movement of your children, do it.
For government, they can organize more campaigns at schools, introduce sex education at early stage, create more talian Nur or maybe tighten up the law for sexual harassment at early stage. These are some of the prevention method that can be applied.

2.      During
The problem has already occurred. Do we ignore those pregnant women? This is where our society has yet to mature. We tend to judge people by their mistake and end up isolate them. Providing moral support is what the women needed in their condition. Yes, they committed a sin, but that’s their problem with God. Who are we to judge? Family, friends and relatives should provide moral support not in a way that we agree of their actions but more on asking them to repent of their sins. Make them realize their actions are wrong and there’s a better way of living. So this could make them realize, not to commit another sin by killing the baby later. Government should set up more shelter for these women. They may feel ashamed to return to their family, so these shelters should be enough for them to hold on to.

3.      Cure – Aftermath
We could never find a cure, if the problem did not arise. So when the problem still occur, its time for the law enforcement to take over. Is our law is so lenient that people are not afraid to commit crime? Buang bayi pun bukan orang tau siapa pun kan? No traces at all. Somebody suggested a DNA database, ala2 macam CSI, where we can trace whose DNA it belongs to. Ya why not? Maybe government should take a more drastic approach to reduce the crime rate. Its about time already!

So does sex education alone is enough to reduce the number of people dumping their babies?? 

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