Tuesday, June 1, 2010


"Once you get it, worry not the whole house will get it" errkkk..
And YES, conjunctivitis is highly contagious. Memang sangat senang untuk dijangkiti.First Muqtasaem, then Nadhirah. Next Mr Hubby and now ME!!! we can call our lil family, Red Eye Family, yehaa! 
Its hard to avoid not to be infected but here are some tips that can be applied 

1. Do not sleep together with infected person. 
How do i score?: FAIL!! how cannot sleep with my babies?

2. Avoid kissing.  
How do i score?: FAIL!! how can u not kiss such cuttie lil faces (please refer to the kids only! Adult excluded :P)

3. Wash/sanitize your hands before and after giving them the meds
How do i score?: PASS!! Easy to do

4. Avoid sharing pillows and if possible change the cover everyday.  
How do i score?: FAIL!! tak larat mau tukar hari-hari maaa

5. Avoid touching your infected eyes. And if you do, please wash/sanitize your hands
How do i score?: 50-50! kadang ingat kadang tak :)

6. If the more than 1 person got infected, please do not share your meds! Get your own eye drops etc.
How do i score?: PASS!! Giler banyak eye drops and ointments. Poning!

7. After 3 days of medication and the redness have not subsided, please consult your doctor or go to eye specialist cause you maybe have allergy with the meds. 
How do i score?: FAIL!! thats what happened to Muqtasaem. It happened that he has an allergy to the eye drops. And we only went to the specialist on the 5th day! After changing to new eye drops, the redness subsided. Alhamdulillah

8. Please rest at home! Do not try to spread it anywhere else.
How do i score? MC!!! NO??? i've got tonnes of work :(.

It goes without saying "Sharing is caring". Not just share the good things, even sakit pun kena share! Hope the Red Eye Family will be back to normal soon. InsyaAllah!

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