Thursday, June 24, 2010

Horaaay No exam!

When DPM announced that UPSR & PMR may be abolished, i disagree with that. IMHO, the exams act like a measurement for the children. Macam milestone checking. But i do agree that our Education system as a whole is too exam oriented. If we look at today's education system, you will have exams twice a year. Not only that the kids will have to take monthly tests and also weekly quizzes. I would agree on the twice a year exams, but not to the monthly tests. That what makes the system is too exam oriented.

The ministry may want to relook at restructuring the UPSR & PMR exams. Maybe its not 100% exam based. Put some weightage in coursework. Maybe 40% coursework and 60% exams. Macam kat universities kan?

We need some sort of measurement on how our kids are doing. If these exams are abolished what are the other options we would measure our kids performance. If the ministry wants to implement school-based assessment, a thorough study has to be made. If its a public exams, then the questions would be standardized across all. But school-based assessments? I'm not against it, but i dont really agree to the idea.

However i would prefer the PMR exam is not to be used to determine whether our kids go to science or arts stream. Sooo not right. We dont have any indication subjects in PMR syllabus to tell us that we can do science but not arts or vice versa.

May the Education Minister make the right decision for our kids. And maybe after this, they may want to relook our tertiary education system. From my observation we do not produce the right graduates for the working force.

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