Friday, June 4, 2010

Kerana Amanah, Nyawa Hilang

I believe ramai yang marah dengan staff BHP Cheras. A woman died because the staff obeyed their boss's instruction. Is it the staff's fault that the woman died? I'm not on any side, but yes I was angry when i first read the news in facebook yesteday. The staff could have shown some mercy and give out the fire extinguisher. And MAYBE, the woman's life could have been saved.

But on the other hand, the staff were given clear instruction not to open the door for anyone after hours. Staff yang mendengar kata dan memegang amanah majikannya. Is it wrong? It is not. However, in that situation, one self has to analyze the situation and provide the best judgement.You can choose to follow your boss's instruction OR disobey the instruction and save a life.

If i were in that situation, I may let the man have the fire extinguisher and at the same time call the police and fire department. Police - in case there will be robbery. Fire - in case the man is right about the fire..


  1. owh bru tau cite nie...
    curious nak tau the actual story...

  2. kesian..the man even say the woman burnt alive..scary!



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