Tuesday, June 15, 2010

mama...itu burung apa? itu burung murai....

Everytime we brought the kids out, mesti masuk mall. so this time around, we planned to go to Bird's Park. We went out quite late. cuaca dah panas, tapi area kat Bird's park is cooling sebab banyak pokok. So not so bad laa..

When we arrived, its nearing to Bird's Show. So we went straight to the Amphitheater. Most of the shows are by parrots or kakaktua. Ada lah burung naik basikal, mengira dan bercakap. Towards the end baru ada show by burung helang. The show ended in half an hour's time. 
the Amphitheater

Tapi before the show ended, the kids dah restless. Luckily ada taman permainan just behind the amphitheater, the kids apalagi jumping in joy. 

ni jugak yang the kids suka

From the amphitheater, we walked pass flamingo pond and waterfall aviary. It is a breathtaking view..with the birds flying around and waterfall as the background

waterfall aviary

flamingo pond

Then we headed to World's of parrot. Macam-macam jenis parrot. You can also feed the birds in here, just pay RM2 for the food. actually RM2 will be used for the birds' care. The caretaker gave us a small bowl of kuaci. I memang tak berani nak pegang, so Mr Hubby yang pegang. Oh the birds sangat pandai. At first i thot  they would terus makan the kuaci with the kulit. tapi tidakkkk, they actually kupas the kulit and makan the isi only! So clever one.
Feeding the bird kuaci
Birds all over Mr Hubby...Nadhirah maintain macho dalam ketakutan

There are also hornbill park. Macam-macam jenis hornbill. Hornbill Gatal pun ada ..hahahhaa

Then there are 1 area for all the flightless birds. So you can see ostrich, peacock, ayam hutan..peacock memang bebas bersepah-sepah. 

You can only feed the birds when there are supervision and the food is provided. Otherwise, you can't simply feed the birds. BUT you can feed the fish! there are a number of ponds in the area. Yang ini the kids enjoyed the most. You can buy the fish food at RM1 per packet. But please bring 50cents coins. i think we stopped at 3 different ponds to feed the fish. gi taman burung tapi lagi enjoy tengok fish..hhmmm

The Bird's Park is a big area. Memang penat berjalan. But fret not, there are a lot of pondok-pondok where you can have a rest before continuing exploring the park. There are also small cafes to have your snack in the park. Overall it was an enjoying walk for your kids. 

The Entrance fee is RM20 for adults & RM10 for kids (below 12years old). But remember to bring your MyKad & MyKid to get the price. Or else the price for adult is RM42 and RM32 for kids. Kids below 3 years old get free admission.

The Bird's Park is located near to National Mosque. Actually there are other attractions near to the Bird's Park like Butterfly Park, National Islamic Art Museum, Orchid Park, Hibiscus Park, Planetarium, National Monument and Memorial Tun Abdul Razak. 

The kids enjoyed the trip and balik rumah terus tidur kepenatan. 

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