Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tips when your car was stolen

We lost our car in April. Bulan 4 memang takde ONG la. We were getting ready to go to work then suddenly Mr Hubby came rushing to me and say " Sayang, kereta takde". At first i thot he was joking (post April Fool) but apa kes nak joke pasal kereta hilang di pagi hari kan? Memang betul, the car was gone!!! we parked right in front of the house but its outside the gate. Among all the cars parked on the road, ours was the target. I was shocked and furious! It took me several days to accept the fact that the car has gone forever
So just tips share some tips when you lose your car..

1. Do a police report. It is best if you could go to the nearest police station to the crime scene. the one that covers your area. Not Pondok polis yeee..We were panic up to the point we went to a further police station. We couldn't even think the nearest police station. Last-last after buat police report kena redirect to the nearest balai polis because the investigator needs to be in the same jurisdiction. After meeting with the investigator, then only they open a case. They will ask all sorts of questions la. 
When we did the police report, i felt that we just need to report it for the sake of insurance and not so much of hoping that the police would investigate it. formality only. Even though its the police job to help us find the culprit kann..tapi whateva la

2. Call your insurance agent/company. - Tell them that your car has been stolen. They would ask for the police report and insurance policy. So fax it to them.

3. Call your bank (if necessary) - it may not be necessary because you still have to pay the installment even tho car gone already. Sakit hati kann..paying for something yang takde...uhuk uhuk..what to do

4. If you have any documents, ATM cards, bank cards, etc in the car make sure you called all the necessary parties to make cancellation.

5. After few days (depends), your insurance agent will appoint adjuster. Adjuster ni mcm investigator on behalf of insurance agents. They would need copies of your IC, driving license, pictures of your all the keys (including duplicates). They would also come the the crime scene and take some pictures. Police pun tak datang k. Adjuster will then submit a report to the insurance company for further actions

6. Sila harass your insurance agent/company..keep calling them asking for status. Please be annoying. or else memang lambat laaa dapat claim. Usually it would take min 4 months to claim. In our case Alhamdulillah, we already got the offer within 2 months. They offered us a good price laaa. Tetapi......

7. Insurance company would need more documents from you - Letter from your financier, your keys, and final police investigation report. Please bear in mind yaaa...police will only release the investigation report minimum 3 months after the initial report.. so memang takde harapan la nak dapat claim awal dari itu yeee..So we wait...

Moral of the story - please consider installing Captor atau seangkatan dengan nya to avoid these kinds of hassles. Memang sangat sedih bila kereta hilang. It has been with us since we were about to get married. Kira sempat la merasa dating sebelum kahwin ngan kereta tuh.. Too many memories..Plate number yang paling sayang :(. Tapi nak  buat macam mana kena redha. Itu adalah satu ujian for me. 

Teringat pesanan Ustazah - segala nikmat yang Allah beri itu ada keburukannya. Segala ujian yang dikenakan terhadap kita adalah untuk menguji keimanan kita sebagai seorang Muslim - adakah kita tergolong dalam golongan yang bersyukur atau menderhaka? 


  1. erkssss...sorry to hear that babe!
    serious tak tau pon ;(
    but yeah, everything that happen is for a reason...
    definitely part nk bayar installment every month tue yg paling menyakitkan hati kan ;(

  2. yes dear..sangat tension je..but Alhamdulillah insurance hampir settle :)

  3. hi there.. same fate here. mine stolen in june. just nak tanye pasal offer letter, klu tak puas hati ngan harga yang dioffer boleh minta up lagi tak?? pls tunjuk ajar.. thanks alot



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