Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Art time with the Kids - Collage

Last Saturday, we did something different. Instead of using water colors, this time we used scrap paper, scissors, glue and paper plate.

I cut the paper plate into 2 and tore off old magazine pages to small pieces

Muqtasaem working with the glue

Nadhirah looking boring..hhmm


Half way done

I let Muqtasaem used the scissors. He was so happy he managed to cut the papers. This is part of motor skill that we can train our kids. More motor skill development can be found here.

Walla this is what we end up with. 
But i still think the kids still like to paint. 


  1. Ahhh I think I better start some sort of art project with the kids too lah! They all ni dok main computer, main wii and tengok tv aje this holidays ni .. sungguh tak bagus!

    Thanks for the idea ;D

  2. itu la pasal...dari asyik tgk tv je kan..get them busy with something like this :)



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