Tuesday, July 20, 2010

3 shops - when i entered i wont go out empty handed

Women always be associated as shopping machine aka shopaholic. We have extra nafsu from men rite? so we do love shopping but not only for cloth, shoes and bags. We do shop for groceries, toiletries, etc. There are 3 shops that if i go inside, i will definitely buy something!! just couldnt help it

1. Bakery

I love bread!! Love the smell of bread, especially yang baru masak. Yummy kann. memang i have a thing with bread. I can live with bread alone. Masuk bakery memang akan beli something walaupun perut dah kenyang.

2. Supermarket

When you are a wife and a mother, automatically you would be the chef in the house. So supermarket is like heaven on earth for women...hehehhe..you can get everything you needed for the household! My favorite section is the wet section where you can find meat, fruits, vegetables. Some people like to go to pasar borong or pasar basah. I love it too because its cheaper, fresher with wider variety. But as a working mother, shopping at supermarket is more convenient for me.

3. Pharmacy

Kalau masuk Guardian or Watson, ada je benda nak beli. I pun pelik tapi its true. Ada la benda yang dah habis. Be it for myself, hubby or the kids. Paling cikai pun i akan beli mineral water..hahahahha. See what a truly shopaholic a woman can be.


  1. me too suke bende bertiga ni..so kalau slalu nk beli barang sket2 lebih baik pesan hubby, kalau i pegi, nak beli 2 barang jadi 5..

  2. kann?? harus ronda satu kedai baru puas hati..



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