Friday, July 16, 2010

Petrol Naik Lagi???

On my way home, my car's fuel was running low. So i stopped by a gas station. I was shocked, ramai nye orang at this hour. it was about 7ish pm. So i fuelled the car and went off..
And only today that i know the fuel price went up by 5 cents! laaaa...patut la ramai kat petrol pump semalam. Ni laa..dah lama tak tengok Buletin Utama..hahahahaha.

So the government decided to act bold now by just reducing the subsidies for petrol, diesel and sugar. However Malaysian's petrol price is still lower than other coutries in the region.
Now if you think long term, its not the price of the car will be the cost of maintaining a car does matter most.

So do we have to take the public transport? I don't mind if our public transportation system is like those that Tube in London, Italy. We are not there yet, but i do hope the government should take more serious action about our public transportation.


  1. tipu.. dia x pernak naik tren pun gi keje...sume org hantar..either mummy.. or husband.. nanti u naik tren gi opis.. sila amik gambar... post in blog... 1st time naik tren ke opis..hahaha...

  2. :P i naik train gak k!!!..sekali setahun..hahahahhaa



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