Monday, July 26, 2010

My Experience delivering Nadhirah at home

It was Wednesday and I was on medical leave. From my previous experience I would deliver a week in advance. Thus my Gynae gave me a week of medical leave before my EDD. While hubby was at work, i lepak-lepak at my mom’s place. At around 5-6 p.m I started to feel the contraction. However it was not frequent. I got the feeling that I’m gonna deliver that nite. SMSed hubby telling him that I mite deliver that nite. 
Hubby picked me up and we went home to get my hospital bag. We left Muqtasaem at my mom’s place. We didn’t go to the hospital directly. We had our Isya’ prayers and dinner. Only then my contractions were frequent. Hubby wanted to get a shower first before leaving. So while waiting, I was lying on the bed sambil menggunakan breathing technique untuk tahan sakit.

Suddenly terdengar bunyi ‘pop’ and my kain basah. And I know my water just broke. I jerit panggil hubby saying that I dah nak beranak and that I can feel the baby’s head. Memang betul la orang cakap, rasa macam nak buang air besar. I asked hubby to call ambulance. That time, I memang cannot tahan the urge to push. I pushed twice and baby dah keluar. That time hubby was on the phone with my mom. My mom punya terkejut dengar suara baby.

Luckily my bro in law was living with us. Hubby asked for his help to call the neighbour. The neighbour’s wife helped me hold the baby. The baby cord was still intact. Hubby had to call a doctor which happened to be my bro in law fiancĂ© at that time. So with her help, hubby cut off the cord. Tapi uri still kat dalam. I breastfed my baby for a while je.. tak tahan sakit sebab uri still kat dalam. When my mom arrived, I told my mom I cudnt tahan the pain. Then she braved herself to pull off the uri. Alhamdulillah, uri tercabut without any complications. Baru I rasa lega. After everything settled, then only the ambulance came. And guess what, 3 ambulances came and they took 45 minutes to arrive!

My baby and I were examined by the midwife before we were brought to the hospital. It was my first experience being pushed in a stretcher and being in an ambulance.I was lucky that my Gynae was on call that nite, and I’m her 7th patients for the nite.

My nightmare was not over yet. The gynae had to clean up all the blood and I was only allowed to use the gas to ease the pain. Sungguh sakit. I think because I already recover from sakit beranak for a while, then when the gynae nak bersihkan blood inside my womb the pain was excruciating. Nasib baik la, my feet was strapped to the bed. Or else, memang kena tending la gynae tuh. I rasa I sedut gas tu sampai I pengsan.
My baby on the other hand had to go through series of testing. Yelah beranak in a not-sterilized environment. It took few hours before she could be with me.

Alhamdulillah, everything was fine despite the drama that we have gone through. 
And that’s when Nadhirah was born to the world on 9th July 2008.

And because of this incident, we would never sell the house. It’s a reminder of where Nadhirah was born.


  1. Ya Allah, senangnya u bersalin, i was in labour room jer nearly 5hrs, tp sekali teran jer baby sampai terpelanting sebab i teran kuat sgt2..but sweet memory though..giler selamba u n your hubby..sempat mandi?haha..
    mrsnik's last blogSeksanya Blogging tanpa Dgcam

  2. Alhamdullillah.mudahnye awk branak.tingin jugak bersalin sudah ketentuan,mmg tak boleh.2 anak keluar kot tingkap.jadiknye next anak pun,wajibla tingkap lg.

  3. mama meah : hubby sempat mandi..tapi lepas tu mandi peluh lak hehehe.. my first one i kat labor room kat 15 jam!

    Diyana: Alhamdulillah, tapi takut gak kan kalau2 ada complications. So moral of the story kena g hospital cepat2 walaupun contraction tak frequent :)

  4. seramnya baca cite u ni..Macam terasa ngilu je..esp part uri masih kat dalam tu..Alhamdulillah semua berjalan lancar time tu kan..

  5. dbalkis : tu lah Alhamdulillah takde complications. Ngeri..memang tkmo go thru it again



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