Friday, July 2, 2010

Art with the Kids - Painting

It was a sunny bright last Saturday. I decided to do some art activity with the kids. I carved few potatoes into some shapes. Not exactly carve it myself but with the help of cookies molds. Firstly i cut the potato into half. Then i pressed the mold into the potato about half of the mold's depth. I carved along the mold's shape.

some of the shapes that i managed to carve

Now the fun begins. I pour few colors in a container and do a few demo in front of the kids and within seconds the kids started doing on their own

Artist to be

err..mama couldn't see any shapes

Muqtasaem is good at this
walla...the art by the kids

Some precautions
1. It is advisable to do it outdoor
2. If you don't want the kids to get too messy, wear an apron. But without it, much better. that's where the fun is!
3. Prepare a lot of drawing paper. They mite never get enough of it cos it was fun!
4. Please monitor them. Manalah tau, tetiba masuk mulut plak kan.

Overall the kids enjoyed the art activity. Will think up more activities with the kids.

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