Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kes Ragut

Yesterday i witnessed snatch thief in action for the second time. It happened in front of my office. This chinese man was walking with his friend. Pakaian sempoi je with paper bag. And suddenly datang this one mamat rempit snatched his handphone. He was not talking on the phone but he was just holding his phone in his palm. This mamat rempit terus merempit and this chinese man tried to kejar him. Luckily the handphone fell off on the road. tergamam kejap tengok the incident. It happened so fast.

Actually it was not the first time it happened at the same spot. It happened before to couple of my colleagues. That place macam jadi hot spot tempat orang nak meragut.
Some tips for ladies and reminder for myself
- kalau ada kaki lima, jalan kat atas kaki lima. jangan la jalan kat atas jalanraya.
- if jalan kat kaki lima make sure jalan side yang jauh dari jalanraya.
- Kalau pakai handbag, pakai kat tangan yang not facing jalanraya
- avoid talking on the phone kalau tengah jalan.

1 comment:

  1. i think kene suggest buat bumper byk2 that area...
    just to slow down the escape...huhuhuhu...
    u take care babe :)



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