Friday, July 23, 2010

Its a BIG NOOOO to dresses

I am having a problem dressing my girl. Pelik tak? Usually a mother's dream is to have a daughter so she can dress her up. From head to toe - there are a lot of flowery accesories, colourful princess-like dresses and cute shoes.
Pics from gymboree

But my problem is my daughter does not like to wear dresses! Siap menangis melalak everytime i nak pakaikan dress. Drama queen nye melalak, satu kampung leh dengar. She will only stop crying if i pakaikan tshirt and pants! Sebabnya her brother is wearing like that. Parah.. i really need to simpan all the pants and buy more dresses. Is this normal when u have an elder brother?


  1. Nope with my lil sarah, she will wear anything ecven tho she got 2 big bro

  2. tu la pasal..i'm worried. dah la lasak n now takmo pakai dress

  3. it is normal, even with an elder sister! haha. takpe, nanti bila dia dah understand that she is her own person and has her own identity, penat pulak hari2 nak pakai dress je :D

    try la pakai dress, tapi with leggings or even pants inside. that's how i started with jannah.



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