Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Art with the Kids - Painting

Last Saturday, we had another art session. This time we used finger painting set bought at Times Bookstore. It consists of 4 colors, few pieces of shaped-sponge and a plastic apron

u can actually add other shapes

The kids memang suka this kinda activities..Melonjak kegembiraan whenever i open up the art box. Its just that i can only do it on weekends.

Since there is only 1 apron, Muqtasaem got to wear it..sib abik tak gaduh

Muqtasaem yang sangat teliti

Nadhirah yang suka hati

Nadhirah's work

Muqtasaem's work

I like this set since the colors are washable. Even the sponge can be washed without leaving any stains. If i'm not mistaken its only RM34 per set. And if you are Times Bookstore member, you can get discounts.

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