Tuesday, April 27, 2010

When was the last time you ride on a taxi?

When was the last time you ride on a taxi?
Last week, I was on public transport for a week. I noticed that in (some) taxis, there is a list of rules to be adhered by the taxi drivers.

Some interesting points
1. Driver not to leave driving seat.
-- kalau tengah drive, mmg la cannot leave d seat kan
-- if passengers need help to load luggage, cannot help ka? Hhmmm

2. Shall not carry passenger in excess 5 ppl including driver.
-- huhuhuhu i pernah naik sampai 6 org.. Siap beg pakcik taxi

3. Shall proceed to destination named by hirer by the shortest and most direct route.
-- some taxi drivers will ask, which road to use. My typical answer-- jalan yg tak jam!! Hihihi..kalau ikut jln dekat tapi jam sama je taxi fare ikut jln jauh tp tak jam..betul tak??

4. Touting is prohibited
-- u will always see this happening at klcc. I tell you, taxi drivers at klcc tak pandang langsung locals, tunggu tourist je. Kalau u nak gak naik, they already set d fare upfront. Tak patut betul

So if u happen to meet taxi drivers that do not adhere with these rules, you can lodge complaints.

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