Thursday, April 15, 2010

Di mana lokasi perkahwinan anda?

Couples who are getting married now can add another location options for their wedding. Typical wedding locations are community halls, hotels, Dewan Felda, restaurants, fields or the most famous place - your parents house. So now if you want to be different, you can choose POLICE STATIONS to hold your receptions! You heard it right - police station aka Balai Polis.

This is a part of community policing efforts to break the barrier between local community and police force.

I wonder whether we can have the police to do some demo like martial art for the wedding

So for those getting married soon, book the police stations near you for your wedding reception :D


  1. Fuhhh...melepas! Bz pulak la polis2 kita lepas ni buat kenduri

  2. pak2 polisi dah kurang keje tuh..nak tambah dalam KPI :D



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