Monday, April 12, 2010

Project Alpha Season 2

Project Alpha Season 2 has just launched. It was held at Cineleisure. It was an honour to meet and mingle with famous bloggers. Who would have thought blogger could be celebrities. Once upon a time, blog is just a medium for normal people to write, give opinion openly on the internet. But now bloggers are becoming like celebrities!

Me & my sister

I was invited to the "Meet the fans" session with the featured bloggers of Project Alpha Season 2. The bloggers for season 2 are KY, Cheesie, Shaolintiger, Azwan Ali, Niki Cheong, Ninie Ahmad and Joe Lee.

Amboi-amboi :)


After the mingling and eating session, we watched the trailer for Project Alpha Season 2 and 'Kiss Ass' movie. At first i thought of leaving early, but the movie turned out quite good! I think it was adapted from a comic. Although i'm not a comic reader, but the movie was good. If u have seen Sin City, i think you would love this movie more.

Ninie Ahmad

KY who was my ex-colleague

So dont forget to catch Project Alpha Season 2 on 19th of April and if you’re on twitter, follow #ProjectAlpha.

Project Alpha season 2 is brought officially by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 as well as MAS.

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