Monday, April 26, 2010

Tea with the kids

The other weekend, i decided to try making doughnut for my kids. I'm not so good in baking or making cookies or kuih-muih. I'm more into cooking meals - masak lauk-pauk. reason? senang, sekali masak je. If baking cookies, leceh. kena buat satu-satu, bake it..and the repeat the cycle sampai habis dough. Leceh kan? kalau masak lauk-pauk...sekali masak je, dah settle. u know what i mean? whateverlah

I've never make a doughnut before, so i googled for a recipe that make a soft doughnut. The ones that would not keras after dah sejuk..
So here goes the recipe

200g tepung roti - I used BlueKey Flour..couldn't find bread flour. Oh yes, i used the penimbang :)
20g gula 
1/2 sudu kecil garam
1 sudu kecil dry yeast
140ml susu segar - I used full cream, since itu je yang ada dalam fridge :)
20g butter - Ni pun guna buttercup sebab itu je yang ada dalam fridge. Oh sangat malas nak keluar untuk membeli barang, so gunakan je la apa yang ada
minyak masak 

First Step: Mix flour and salt.

Step 2: Make a hole and pour in milk with dry yeast. Mix it.

Step 3: Uli dough sampai tak melekat kat tangan. Oh yaa...part-part menguli pun i tak suka..another reason why i do not bake :)


Step 4: Cover the dough with a plastic and wait till the dough naik roughly twice the size. Try testing it by popping your finger in the middle of the dough, and it will leave a hole like this.

Step 5: Make a small round shape and deep fry it. 

Step 6: To make it lil bit interesting, i coat the doughnut with chocolate. 

I thought that the kids would love the chocolate coated doughnut BUT NO!!! they finished off the ones WITHOUT the chocolate in a jiff! The doughnut is soft in the inside and bit crispy on the outside.

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