Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm hooked!

Bab-bab games, i memang ketinggalan keretapi. i'm not really a game person. Reason?
1. I'm afraid that i wont do anything, but play the games..
2. I tak suka the adrenaline rush bila main game...nak kejar masa la, nak kejar points laa..tak suka.. (tapi main gak)

I guess most of the people out there, have came across Bejeweled. Ada tak? sila jangan angkat tangan. And yes, i just downloaded the game recently and i'm totally hooked!. ni yg malas k. Siap bergaduh ngan anak-anak, nak main game kat iPhone. Sebelum ni i tak heran pun!

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So whats with this Bejeweled?
Its a game whereby you have to match the jewel according to the color. You have to match 3,4 or 5 jewels in a row. If you get 4 jewels, u build a power gem. This power gem can be used to clear a larger area. Kira dapat pecah kan lagi banyak jewels. The most powerful, if u managed to match 5 jewels in a row, a Hyper Cube will be created. How to use HyperCube? U have to carefully select the most numbered jewel and try to clear those jewel. And the jewels may not be in a row. If you are lucky, u will be clearing a larger space and gain more points. 

*image googled

At first, i thought i may not be addicted. Tapi i salah k! i'm totally hooked. Geram je tengok bila markah tak tinggi-tinggi pun. A colleague of mine even managed to gain 1mill in points!!! mana tak rasa tercabar kan? 
But well, its just a game. Main pun untuk suka-suka. Sambil-sambil tengah tidurkan anak-anak, dapat lah mengisi masa sekejap ngan main Bejeweled.

So what's my current score? 556, 500 je. If only it can be converted to real jewel kan?

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