Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jom Bersukan!

Sabtu lepas, saya dengan bersungguhnya pergi bersukan? Tak percaya? tak payah percaya sebab Muqtasaem yang pergi bersukan :). It was his FIRST sports day.

the kids tent

The event was held at a futsal court. It started at 9am with march pass by the kids. Comel- comel..kiri kiri..kiri kanan kiri.
bangga sungguh yang pegang bendera tu

There are 3 houses - Purple, Green & Yellow. Muqtasaem is in the Purple house. How come masa i belajar dulu takde pun purple house. Yang ada normal color - Merah, Biru, Hijau & Kuning.
After the march pass, there are pom pom dance by the kids. Ini boleh masuk You Think You Can Dance :).

Then the games begin. Muqtasaem participated in 2 games. And his team won both games!! Yippie..menang jugak anak ku despite menangis-menangis tak mau participate..Oh yes, Muqtasaem cried once he saw me during the march pass. Anak bujang ni manja skit. Once he saw me, he refused to join his friends. Puas la i pujuk, last-last i just leave him with his teacher and sembunyi from his sight.

There were also games for the parents and teachers. Sporting parents and teachers ni.
parents game
teachers game

After all the games, the most awaited time - Prize Giving Ceremony!! And Yeay, Purple house is the CHAMPION, second place goes to Yellow and third to Green.
tengah beratur amik piala

Apa-apa pun, yang penting Muqtaasem is a Champion!
muka tetap maintain macho..takmo pandang camera

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