Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Adakah anda 'gersang'?

It is reported yesterday, the sex crime in Malaysia has risen 50% since 2005. What is happening to our male population? Gersang sangat kah mereka sampai sanggup melakukan jenayah seks? Sorry for the generalization of 'male population' cause i think its fair. Pernah ada ke kes pompuan rogol lelaki..takde kan? so betul la kot statement, male population dah makin gersang?

For a mom with a daughter, i felt insecure to raise my daughter in this situation. We have to monitor our daughters 24 by 7 if this scenario still in place.

Adakah pendidikan agama semakin berkurangan sehingga seseorang itu tidak dapat menahan nafsu serakah mereka? I believe all religions are against sex crime. It is beyond our norm. Yes, sex is vital and its part of human needs. But it has to be controlled in such a way we can only have sex when you are legally married. Even if we are legally married, sex ada tatatertib nya tersendiri.

Maybe orang-orang kita (men especially) dah over-exposed dengan tayangan gambar lucah (terlampau) sehinggakan tak dapat menahan nafsu mereka. Dah tau tak tahan, kenapa tengok kan? Tapi itulah manusia yang kurang/cetek akalnya.

In today's paper, a girl who met with an accident was raped while she was injured with a broken arm. Kejinya lelaki itu!! And to make matter worst, he even sprayed something to the girls' eyes.

As a mom, it is an alerting situation that i MUST monitor my kids from now on. Not only my daughter but also my son. Jenayah sex kat Malaysia ni dah tak mengenal umur.. budak-budak pun jalan gak. Nauzubillah!


  1. owhhh saye suke statement anda "Pernah ada ke kes pompuan rogol lelaki" muahahhahahaha...
    goshh serious ape yg die spray tue?!?! pepper spray or his sperm??? euwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

  2. tajuk ni...obscene!!! 18sx!! hehehehe :p

  3. verde : i think pepper spray kot

    tulipzt: takde maknanya 18sx..now its a big issue k..



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