Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Birthday Celebration

This year Muqtasaem celebrated his birthday twice. The first one was done at his school. Every month, they will celebrate birthdays for every kids born in the particular month. We ordered cupcakes for his classmates with "Ball" as the theme. I'm running out of ideas for the birthday themes. We've done cars & Thomas previously. 
The cakes were ordered from YummyBites. Thanks Intan for accommodating my order in such a short notice! 
And last Sunday we had a small birthday celebration at Marche, The Curve. It was just among the families. And we also ordered another cake by YummyBites with Pocoyo as the theme.
Cute kan?

I was too occupied with the kids and eating, sampai lupa nak amik gambar. My Bad! Only managed to take pictures of the cakes :).

After the celebration, we ronda-ronda at The Curve. I like the Curve because its family-friendly. There are not so many shops/boutiques like KLCC or Pavillion. It focuses more on dining. And for me i love the 1st floor, where the kids can play at the play area while i do my shopping at various kids store like Mothercare, Osh Kosh etc. 

Nadhirah steady je

Muqtasaem on an elephant
Seronok nye jadi kids!


  1. Fin saw ur son's cakes kat Yummy Bites blog. Once tgk Fin dah agak dah mesti ur son sbb nama unik hehe.

    Anyway Fin pun suka the Curve =)

  2. unik tapi orang selalu sebut mustakim..adoi

  3. Uih kan jauh beza tu dgn Muqtasaem but I guess Mustakim kan more popular so tu yg org silap sebut hehe.



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