Friday, February 19, 2010

Cash or Card?

you walk to the ATM/deposit machine ,
1. insert your card
2. key in pin number
3. key in amount to withdraw
4. get your cash
5. get your card
6. get your receipt

Do you notice anything wrong? Should you get your card first then your cash? or the other way round? or your receipt first then only your cash..or you dont care? it happened to me once, i wanted to deposit money, i insert the card, deposit the money and receipt come out first..then i left, without noticing that the card came out later. On my part, i agreed i was clumsy. 

On the other hand, the machine should be designed in such a way it is more usable and receptive to the users. Normally, when we go to restaurants, we pay the bills and get the receipt. So users are accustomed to the fact receipt will always came later. so in the case of ATM/deposit machine, receipts should always be the last. i'm not saying all banks are like that, but only some. 

Between card and cash, cash should come out first. Imagine you are the seller, when someone wants to buy something from you, you get the cash first then only u give out the item to buyer. you would not give the item first before getting paid, rite? so in the atm case, if u tertinggal the card, u can always call the bank to cancel it. But if you leave the cash?? for sure lesap punya. betul tak? 
just a thought, since it happened to me..

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