Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Top iPhone Apps reviewed by the kids

My iPhone is celebrating its 1st year anniversary soon. When i bought it last year, its the iPod function that i needed the most. Mainly because while i breastfeed Nadhirah, i can watch my favorite TV series :D. Where got time to watch TV, kan? Thus i never have the intention to download any other applications. Till, my dear friends compared their iPhone applications with mine. "2 page je??" hahahaha...mmg totally suci my iPhone.

After that remark, i started downloading games for the kids. And sometimes i regret doing so, because they will conquer my iPhone :(.

Here are some of the Top Apps they love to play

1. Matching Zoo

In this game, you need to pair the animals. The best part, each animals makes their own unique sound.

2. Shapes
The kids need to tap on the right shapes and they will get a round of applause if they are correct.

3. Traffic Rush
This game, i pun addicted jugak. You need to control the traffic to avoid any accidents. it can be done so by accelerating or stop the vehicles. ada motor, bus. kereta. Muqtasaem likes to collide the vehicles...hmmm

4. Fishing Lite
Fishing lite is Nadhirah's favorite. She loves watching the fish. Bukan dia main pun. In this game, you need to catch as many fish as possible before moving to the next level. But Nadhirah just love to watch the fish. When the game is over, she will ask for a replay :)

5. Cocoto Kart
yang ni mcm devil racing. its a kart race game. you just use the phone to maneuver your car. kira iphone ni jadik steering wheel. Cool kan iphone? :)

6. Jungle Crash

The airplane is running out of fuel so it needs to land in the jungle. So your task is to clear the obstacles (e.g. rock) to make way for landing. Musqtasaem likes to see it crashes..

One thing good is that, i can distract them so i can happily do my own chores. The bad thing, sometimes i pun kena berebut with them. There are a lot of apps available for iPhone, and some of them are actually good for the kids. But i only choose the free ones lah :) Economical not cheapskate. Who doesn't love FREE stuff rite?
Btw i already have 6 pages of applications :)

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